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  • 1 - Profiles: general

    Video tutorial: "Getting the most out of your profile"

  • 1.1 - What types of profiles are available at

    When registering at you can create a profile of any of the following account types:

    1. Freelance translator and/or interpreter
    2. Translation agency/company employee or owner
    3. Freelancer and outsourcer
    4. Translation student
    5. End customer
    6. Vendor/advertiser to the translation industry
    7. Other

  • 1.1 - How can I set my account type?

    You can set your account type by clicking on Profile updater in your main profile page, choosing among the profile types available and clicking on Save and update profile at the bottom of the page.

  • 1.2 - Which account type should I choose?

    1. If you are primarily an individual freelance translator or interpreter, you should choose the Freelance translator and/or interpreter account type.
    2. If you represent a translation agency/company, or a group of individuals providing language services, please select the Translation agency/company employee or owner account type.
    3. If you are an individual who provides freelance language services, but also outsources jobs, you can select the Freelancer and outsourcer account type.
    4. If you are currently studying language, translation or interpretation, you should choose the Translation student account type.
    5. If you are an end customer, please select the End customer account type.
    6. If you represent a vendor or advertiser, please select the Vendor / advertiser to the translation industry account type.
    7. If you do not fit into one of the categories mentioned above, please select the account type Other.

  • 1.3 - At the time I registered I selected a certain account type, but now I think a different account type will reflect my current situation more accurately. Can I change my account type?

    Yes, you can edit your account type to suit your preferences from the Account section of your Profile updater. Make sure to click on Save and update profile once you are done.

  • 1.4 - I am listed as an agency but I also work as a freelancer, should I have two profiles?

    No, you don't need to have two profiles. Many agencies in the site are listed as both agencies and freelancers. To be recognized as both, all you need to do is go to your Profile updater and select the option Freelancer and outsourcer for Account type.

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  • 1.2 - How do I begin completing my new profile?

    Go to your Profile updater to update your profile, including contact information, financial information, and more. Make sure to click on Save and update profile once you are done.

  • 2.1 - How can I edit/update the information in my profile?

    There are two ways of editing the information in your profile:

    1. You can click on the edit icon usually shown below or next to the profile feature. This will directly take you to the section you would like to update.
    2. You can go to your Profile updater and click on the section(s) you would like to update. Make sure to click on Save and update profile once you are done.

  • 2.2 - Why are certain fields classified as required or encouraged?

    The classification of a profile field as required or encouraged (as opposed to simply available) corresponds to the possible contribution of that field to the goal of helping to ensure that a profile owner gets the most out of

    Required fields are those that are important enough that the failure to supply data for the field (or alternatively, to explicitly decline to enter data) results in the profile being regarded as incomplete. Encouraged fields are those that may help a profile owner to get more out of, though are not necessarily as critical as the required fields.

    Note that in classifying a given field as required or encouraged, is not endorsing the use of that field either for qualifying translators or for any other purpose. It is one of the guiding principles of the site that users are given the tools to help them work in the ways they choose to do so. In other words, a profile field tends to exist when there are enough people who want to use it (either to share information or to search by it.) Therefore, the classification of a field as required or encouraged tends to correspond to the relative frequency with which that field is used.

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  • 1.3 - What is my profile ID/number?

    Your profile ID/number is the last number at the end of your profile URL. To see it go to My profile and check the last number shown in the URL of your profile box at the top left of your profile. To create a profile simply register for free at

  • 3.1 - What link should I provide my customers to direct them to my profile?

    You can find this information in your own profile, above your picture and username.

  • 3.2 - Can I link to my profile from my personal website? Can I use the logo when I do so?

    Yes. You can find a comprehensive description of how to link to your profile in this page.

    Make sure you add /profile/{your profile number} after a href="".

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  • 1.4 - How do I enter my first and last names in my profile?

    To enter your real name in your profile, visit the account section of your Profile updater and enter your first and last names in the Contact first name and Contact last name write-in fields respectively. Finally, click on Save and update profile at the bottom of the page to save your data.

    You can set visibility permissions for your name under the Define your site name section, within the Identity box.

  • 4.1 - How do I hide or show my real name in my profile?

    You can chose to show or hide your real name in your profile at any time. Note that name changes may take up to one hour to become effective.

    If the name visible in your profile is your username and you want to show your real name instead, just go to the account section of your Profile updater and enter your real name in the Identity field. Once you have entered your real name, select the Show first and last name, as entered in profile option in the Define your site name section (within the same box). Make sure that the Show to everyone visibility option is selected and click on Save and update profile at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

    If what is showing is your real name and you want to show your username instead, just select the Show username, as used in login option in the Define your site name section of the Identity box and then click on Save and update profile at the bottom of the page.

  • 4.2 - Can I show my real name to outsourcers and my username to other users?

    Yes, all you have to do is enter your real name in your profile and choose the option to show it only to outsourcers in your Profile updater. Please note that this setting is based on account type, so your real name will not be shown to outsourcers who are not logged in, or those who have not properly classified their profiles.

  • 4.3 - I do not want my real name to show in search engines. How can I change this?

    Profiles, similar to the forums and KudoZ, are public. This means that they can be indexed by search engines and displayed as part of search results. If you have chosen to show your real name as your site name (profile name) it is then possible that your real name is then shown as part of search engine results. If this is the case, and you want your name to stop showing in search engines results, start by changing your site name (profile name) at To do so, go to your Profile updater and change your site name settings by selecting Show username, as used in login. Remember to click on Save and update profile at the bottom of the page. Note that this change may take a few minutes to become visible in your profile page.

    Once the change has been made effective in your profile and your username (login name) shows instead of your real name, you will still need to request the removal of the cache version of your profile page (or any other page in which your real name shows) from search engines or else wait until search engines update their indexes (this may take from 4 days up to 2 months). In the case of Google, you may request the removal of any cache page containing your real name in the Google search console.

    If you need help with any of the steps described above, please submit a support request.

  • 4.4 - I changed my site name but search engines still show the old name. Why?

    When you chose to display a given site name (real name or username), it may be cached by some search engines. Thus, if you decide to change this name later, or to change visibility permissions for your site name, it will take a certain period of time for search engines to update their cache and stop showing the old profile or site name.

    If you do not want search engines to show your old site name, you need to request the search engines in question to update their caches. You can request the removal of outdated content from Google in their search console.

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  • 1.5 - Can I control the visibility of the information in my profile?

    Yes, you can control what profile visitors see in your profile in two ways, depending on the type of information you would like to show or hide:

    1. By setting visibility permissions for the information you enter via your Profile updater:

    2. By toggling visibility of pre-formatted features by clicking on the visibility toggle next to them:

  • 5.1 - How do I change visibility settings for the Blue Board entries made by this user section of my profile?

    You can chose to hide your clients names or location by selecting the None visibility option for these areas from the Feedback section of your Profile updater.

    You can also hide the Blue Board entries made by this user section of your profile by selecting No in the Show Blue Board LWA section of the Blue Board feedback box or by clicking on the visibility toggle next to this section in your profile main page.

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  • 1.6 - How can I see my profile as visitors would see it?

    To view your profile as any visitor would view it, simply click on Force visitor view at the top of your profile page. To go back, just click on Return to owner view.

  • 1.7 - How can I change the title displayed in my profile?

    In order to add/edit the title displayed in your profile, go to the Settings tab and select the Search engine settings section. In this way you can edit the title displayed in your profile or leave this field blank to use a search engine optimized title. Please note that search engine indexes only show up to 60 characters.

  • 1.8 - Can I add a tagline to my profile?

    Yes. You can add a short phrase that sums up your most important attribute as a service provider or outsourcer (or tagline) to show below your site name in your profile and in the directory. To enter a tagline, click on the small edit icon next to Edit your tagline, below your profile name. This will take you to the Marketing and promotion section of your Profile updater. Type in your tagline and then click on Save and update profile at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

    You can also edit your tagline from your profile page, by clicking on the pencil-shaped button to the right of it.

  • 1.9 - Can I add a user message to my profile?

    Yes. To add a user message to your profile, simply click on the small note pad next to User message in your profile main page, enter your message and click on Save. Note that user messages no longer support HTML tags.

  • 1.10 - What kinds of content (text, HTML, etc.) can I put in my profile page?

    Only plain text and basic HTML can be used in profile pages. JavaScript, HTML tables, and other advanced techniques will usually not work.

  • 1.11 - Can I use HTML in my personal information (first name, last name, username, etc.)?

    No, only plain text may be used in your personal information. HTML characters such as < or > will be converted to plain text. This also applies to your keywords and tagline.

    The basic rule of thumb is that if it appears only on your profile page, HTML is allowed. If it appears anywhere else on the site, HTML is not allowed.

  • 1.12 - Can I control the language in which visitors see my profile?

    Yes. Go to the Settings tab in your profile, and click on Search engine settings. Under the default language, choose the language in which you would like visitors to view your profile and check the box to force that view. Any visitor who comes from another site and is not logged in to will automatically see your profile in the language you chose.

  • 1.13 - Can I accept payments from my profile?

    Yes. You can accept payments directly from your profile using ProZ*Pay. You can also use other methods, as detailed in the related FAQs.

  • 13.1 - How can I accept PayPal payments through my profile page?

    First, you need to set up a Paypal account. Go to PayPal and follow their sign-up steps.

    It will take from a few days to a week for your account to go through. Once it has, you simply go to your Profile updater, click on the Financial section, and then enter the email address you used to set up the PayPal account in the PayPal email space provided under Payment methods. Make sure to click on Save and update profile once you are done.

    Note that you can set visibility/access permissions for your PayPal email address in your profile from your Profile updater:

    1. If you select 'how to no one as visibility permission, profile visitors will not have access to your PayPal email address and will only see a PayPal accepted legend in the Pay section at the top of your profile.
    2. However, if Show to everyone is selected, profile visitors will be able to see a link to PayPal webpage in which your PayPal email address will be shown.
    3. Finally, if the Show to outsourcers only visibility option is selected, only visitors with company profiles will be able to link to PayPal webpage from the PayPal link at the top of your profile (and see your PayPal email address) while visitors with freelancer profiles will see the legend that is shown when selecting Show to no one visibility option.

  • 13.2 - How can I accept Skrill payments through my profile page?

    Go to your Profile updater, click on the Financial section, and then enter the email address you used to set up your Skrill account in the Skrill email space provided under Payment methods. Make sure to click on Save and update profile once you are done.

  • 13.3 - Can I accept other payment methods through my profile?

    Please contact the ProZ*Pay team or submit a support request to set up your bank account or other pay-out methods and receive payments directly through ProZ*Pay.

    Alternatively, you may declare payment methods you accept from clients, including credit cards and wire transfers, and you may add Skrill or PayPal links to your profile to allow clients to more easily send payment via these methods.

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  • 1.14 - Can I receive files through my profile?

    Yes. You can receive files sent to you through your profile page via the Send file option at the top of the addressee's profile page.

    You will find more information about the Send file function here.

  • 1.15 - How do I report my translation education in my profile?

    To report your translation education, go to the Professional history section of your Profile updater and select the highest translation-related degree you have earned from the drop-down menu and then specify the issuing school. Finally, click on Save and update profile to save this new information.

    To report language-pair specific credentials, please read this FAQ.

  • 1.16 - How do I report years of experience in my profile?

    To report your experience in translation, go to the Professional history section of your Profile updater, specify your years of experience and the year in which you started working as a professional translator and then click on Save and update profile to save this information.

  • 1.17 - I need help with completing my profile. Who should I contact?

    Please watch this video tutorial and try to apply it to your profile.

    If you still need help with completing your profile, submit a support request. You can also ask staff to take a look at your already-complete profile and provide you with suggestions on how to improve it and make it more appealing to potential clients.

  • 1.18 - How do I delete my profile?

    You can delete your profile by going to the Settings tab from your profile page. Once you've arrived to your settings tab, you will need to scroll down and click on the link that reads Close account which then will enable to remove your profile entirely. Once you remove your profile, email notifications will automatically stop.

    If you ever want to reactivate your profile, please submit a support request and provide staff with your login email.

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  • 2 - Profile picture

  • 2.1 - How do I upload a profile photo or image?

    The easiest way to upload or update your profile photo is by clicking directly on the photo box on your profile. This will take you to the section of your Profile updater designed for that purpose. You will be able to take a photo with your webcam or upload a file up to 1MB from your computer. If your picture is not square, you'll be offered the option to crop it.

  • 2.2 - Is there a limit to the kind of profile image I may use?

    The image(s) used in a profile should not be political, misleading or offensive in nature, and should in general respect the site's scope. Keep in mind that the image you use in your profile represents you professionally.

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  • 3 - Contact information

  • 3.1 - How can I start completing my contact information?

    To start completing your contact information, go to the Contact section of your Profile updater and enter information for the following fields:

    • Email addresses
    • Complete address (including country, state, city and postal code)
    • Phone and fax numbers
    • Web page URL
    • Time zone

    Once you have entered information for all these fields, simply click on Save and update profile at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

    Note that you can set visibility permissions for your contact information by using the options available in the Show to drop-down menu next to each field. You can also decide not to enter the information, in which case you need to indicate it so the area will be marked as complete. Click or check the I don't want to enter... option.

  • 3.2 - I have edited my contact info but the quick profile does not show it. utilizes more than one web server. When you uploaded new information in your Profile updater, it can take between several minutes and a half hour for it to be copied to all the web servers. During this time, you may notice a blank or outdated data where you entered the information. Please give it some time before submitting a support request.

  • 3.3 - Can I make my email address visible in the Contact section of my profile?

    No. This is designed as a means of security, to protect your address from spammers and scammers, and is why the profile email sending function (the little envelope at the top of your profile) is used. If you choose to publicly post your email address, you may do so for example in the About me section or CV of your profile. Please be aware of the risks of doing so.

  • 3.4 - How do I add Skype to my profile page?

    You can add Skype to your profile by going to your Profile updater and editing your Contact information.

    To show your Skype status publicly, go to Skype > Tools > Options > Privacy in your Skype, and select the option to Allow my status to be shown on the web.

  • 3.5 - How can I set my location in the map?

    You can enter your location on the map by visiting this page and following the steps described. You can also edit your location by clicking on the edit icon below the map image in your profile.

  • 3.6 - How can hide or show the map in my profile?

    You can show or hide the map in your profile by clicking on the visibility toggle at the bottom of the map to the left of your profile page.

  • 3.7 - Can I control the online status shown in my profile?

    Yes. If you don't want your online status to show (via the P icon at the top of your profile page), you can choose to hide it from this page. You can also add, delete or hide other instant messaging icons in your profile. Remember that showing your online status can be a useful way of letting people you work with know you are available via profile mail or Instant Messaging.

  • 3.8 - instant messenger online status is not showing in my profile. Why?

    If the small P icon that shows your online status and serves as an instant messenger tool is not showing in your profile, check your instant messenger settings to make sure you have chosen to show your online status (if so, the link option next to Online Status should read Hide).

    If the link option next to Online Status reads Show, click on this option and then re-fresh your profile page to confirm the icon shows (note that this change may take a few minutes). If the icon still does not show after changing your settings, please submit a support request so that staff can look into the issue further.

  • 3.9 - How do I add a Twitter feed to my profile page?

    You can add a Twitter feed to your profile in your Profile updater, under the Contact tab.

    For more information on how to take advantage of a Twitter feed on your profile, please visit this forum thread.

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  • 4 - Languages

  • 4.1 - How do I report a new language pair in my profile?

    To report a new language pair in your profile go to the Languages section of your Profile updater. First, make sure that you have declared all of the languages you speak, selecting them from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

    Once all of your languages have been reported, scroll down to Language pairs and select one or more language pairs by clicking the Add language pairs... button. Select one or more services you offer in the new language pair being added and click on Save language pair(s) to finish.

  • 4.2 - How do I change the order of language pairs reported in my profile?

    To change the order of language pairs reported in your profile, go to the Languages section of your Profile updater, then click and drag each pair to the position you would like them to appear in your profile and click on Save and update profile at the bottom of the page to save the changes applied.

  • 4.3 - How do I enter languages of interest?

    To enter a language of interest in your profile, just enter a new language pair from the Languages section of your Profile updater as you would normally do (following the steps described here). Before saving the pair, check I don't work in this pair; don't show it in my profile. Select this last option and finally click on Save language pair to save the changes applied.

    If you want to turn a working language pair into a pair of interest, click on Edit next to the language pair you want to change. Check I don't work in this pair; don't show it in my profile and click on Save language pair to save the changes applied.

  • 4.4 - How do I report my native language(s)?

    You can report your native language or languages (with a maximum of two) from the Languages section of your Profile updater. In the Native language field, select your native language(s) from the menu available to the left and click on Add. Then, simply click on Save and update profile at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

    At the moment there is not an option to declare a third native language, nor immediate plans to add it. If it changes in the future, it will be announced in the forums.

    If you made a mistake when reporting your native languages and need to edit this information, please submit a support request.

  • 4.5 - Can I report my language variants?

  • 5.1 - How can I report my language variants?

    To report your language variants, head to the Languages tab of your Profile updater. When you hover over each language, you'll see a pencil-shaped button that will allow you to add variants. Reporting your variants is optional and will not affect your profile completeness.

  • 5.2 - My language variant is not listed.

    If your language variant is not listed, please submit a support request detailing the variant that you want to add.

    If your language does not have any variants listed or the list is incomplete, please submit a support request with the variants that you know of and, if possible, online resources to corroborate the nature of the variant(s) and make sure that the information is as complete as possible.

  • 5.3 - Can job posters filter by this information?

    No, at this time it is not possible to use language variant filters in the job posting form. However, it is now possible to filter directory searches by language variant, from ProZ Find™.

  • 5.4 - I am proficient in multiple variants of my language, which should I add?

    You should add those variants that you are most comfortable with. In many cases these will be the ones that you have worked with the longest, but may in fact be those that you currently use on a daily basis. You can indicate your level of familiarity from a drop down menu when adding or editing your language variants.

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  • 4.6 - Pengakuan Penutur Pribumi

  • 6.1 - Saya perlu menyatakan bahasa ibu yang kedua, atau saya salah memasukkan bahasa ibu.

    Silakan kirimkan permintaan dukungan untuk bantuan.

  • 6.2 - Apakah pengakuan Penutur Pribumi itu?

    Pengakuan Penutur Pribumi adalah tanda yang menyatakan bahwa seorang anggota adalah penutur pribumi bahasa tersebut.

    Ikon 'huruf besar N" sudah muncul pada halaman profil, dan dalam beberapa bulan akan muncul di seluruh situs di sebelah nama anggota yang telah menerima pengakuan. Akan tampak seperti ini: Native Speaker: Russian Rusia

    Arahkan mouse pada tanda atau klik tanda akan mengungkapkan informasi tambahan.

  • 6.3 - Apakah arti warna ikon yang berbeda-beda?

    Ikon Penutur Pribumi biru dan kuning () digunakan untuk menandai penutur pribumi yang sudah hampir dipastikan benar. Ini termasuk bahasa ibu yang telah dikonfirmasi oleh, dan bahasa ibu yang dilaporkan oleh anggota yang bersumpah bahwa mereka hanya memiliki satu bahasa ibu (bahasa ibu tidak dapat diubah setelah dinyatakan).

    Ikon Penutur Pribumi hitam dan abu-abu () digunakan untuk menyatakan bahasa ibu yang telah dilaporkan, tapi belum dikonfirmasi. Ini termasuk bahasa ibu yang dilaporkan oleh bukan-anggota, bahkan jika mereka hanya melaporkan satu bahasa ibu. Hal ini disebabkan oleh adanya kemungkinan mereka yang bukan-anggota membuat profil ganda dengan satu bahasa ibu yang berbeda untuk masing-masing profil, dengan tujuan menghindari ketentuan mengenai perlunya konfirmasi untuk bahasa ibu berganda.

  • 6.4 - Bagaimana saya mendapatkan pengakuan untuk satu bahasa?

    Anggota dengan satu bahasa ibu hanya diminta untuk menyatakan bahasa tersebut. Untuk menyatakan bahasa ibu Anda, pergi ke bagian "Bahasa" pada Profile updater, pilih bahasa ibu Anda dari daftar di sebelah kiri di bagian "Bahasa ibu" dan klik "Tambahkan". Setelah bahasa tersebut berada dalam daftar di sebelah kanan, klik "Simpan dan perbarui profil" di bagian bawah halaman untuk menyimpan pilihan Anda.

  • 6.5 - Bagaimana saya mendapatkan pengakuan untuk lebih dari satu bahasa?

    Anggota yang melaporkan hanya menguasai satu bahasa ibu diasumsikan sebagai penutur pribumi bahasa tersebut, dan tidak perlu membuktikannya. Akan tetapi, anggota yang melaporkan bahasa ibu berganda, di masa depan akan diminta untuk membuktikan tuturan pribumi mereka dalam setiap bahasa di hadapan penutur pribumi bahasa tersebut. Sampai hal ini tercapai, ikon hitam dan abu-abu akan diartikan sebagai bahasa ibu yang belum dikonfirmasi.

  • 6.6 - How many native languages can be reported?

    At the time being, only two native languages can be reported. There are no immediate plans to add a third language.

  • 6.7 - Apa definisi "penutur pribumi" yang digunakan?

    Daripada menekankan definisi "pribumi", program PPP menyerahkan definisi kepada anggota. Pada saat menyatakan hanya satu bahasa, tidak diperlukan persyaratan.

    Untuk mereka yang menyatakan penutur pribumi ganda, tuturan akan dianggap sebagai pribumi jika beberapa Penutur Pribumi lainnya juga menganggapnya demikian (sesuai dengan definisi mereka masing-masing).

  • 6.8 - Apakah pengakuan PPP menentukan seseorang adalah penerjemah yang baik atau tidak?

    Tentu saja tidak. Penutur pribumi hanyalah satu faktor yang mungkin dipertimbangkan oleh klien pada saat menyaring penerjemah atau juru bahasa. Biasanya ini bukan merupakan faktor terpenting.

  • 6.9 - Berapa biaya untuk mendapatkan pengakuan PPP?

    Tidak ada biaya untuk menyatakan kemampuan bahasa ibu dalam satu bahasa. Saat ini belum ditentukan apakah akan ada biaya untuk prosedur verifikasi yang diperlukan oleh mereka yang menyatakan diri penutur beragam bahasa.

  • 6.10 - 2 bahasa pribumi saya lainnya masih tertunda. Berapa lama saya dapat membuktikannya?

    Kami masih mengembangkan strateginya saat ini. Apabila kami telah memiliki program yang siap jalan, Anda akan diberitahu.

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  • 5 - Services

  • 5.1 - How can I report the services I offer?

    To report the services you offer, simply go the Services & offerings section of your Profile updater and select the services you offer from the list to the left and click on Add. Once you have added your services to the list to the right, click on Save and update profile at the bottom of the page to save your services. As with all sections of your profile, you can drag-and-drop your reported services to list them in order of relevance.

    You will then be able to report the services for each specific language pair, from the Languages section of your Profile updater. You can find more detailed instructions in this FAQ.

  • 5.2 - How do I add a monolingual service?

    Some users may choose to add monolingual services in their profiles, including checking/editing, voiceover, education, transcription, etc. To do this, simply go to the Languages section of your Profile updater, click on Add new pair and choose the same language in both the Source language and Target language drop-down menus.

    Then, check all the appropriate boxes to indicate the services you perform for this monolingual language pair, and click on the Add pair button.

    If you check your profile then, you will see under your profile picture that a Language (monolingual) has been added.

  • 5.3 - Why is it important to report services offered?

    Your profile is your public face at It serves as your business card and directory listing, and is the first impression of you that colleagues and potential clients will have when they find you at In addition to finding your profile via, there is also a good chance that potential clients will find your profile when seeking language professionals using search engines such as Google or Yahoo! —provided that you optimize your profile accordingly. So, by reporting in your profile the services you offer, you increase the chances of showing as part of search results when potential clients search by keyword (eg. translation, interpreting, training, etc.).

    Also, reporting services in your profile allows you to be notified of recent job postings in the language pairs and the fields you have reported in your profile. For information on the criteria taken into account for job notifications, see this FAQ. To set your job notification preferences, visit your Jobs dashboard.

    Finally, remember that to be able to quote on jobs and show up in the directory, you must have reported in your profile the service specified by the outsourcer in the job posting or in the directory search.

  • 5.4 - Why am I not listed as an interpreter/proofreader/copywriter?

    Please check that you have added all your services to the Services & offerings section of your Profile updater. To improve your directory position, place your most important service(s) at the top of this list. Make sure to click on Save and update profile once you are done.

    Be sure to declare your language pair-specific services too. Declaring these services is key to connecting with clients. Go to your Languages tab to edit this. When you add a new language pair using the Add language pairs... button, make sure to check every service you offer in that particular language pair.

    If you have already reported a language pair, click on the pencil-shaped button to the right to edit it.

  • 5.5 - How can I report software / CAT tools I use in my profile?

    You can report any software or CAT tool you use in the Services & offerings section of your Profile updater. Just select a software from the list available to the left in the Software / CAT tools section and click on Add. You can select multiple items by using the keys CTRL and shift. Once you have added all the software tools you want to report to the list on the right, just click on Save and update profile at the bottom of the page. If the CAT tool or software you want to list is not provided, use the Add CAT tool / software not listed field to report such tools.

  • 5.6 - I am SDL Trados Certified. How do I show it on my profile?

    If you are SDL TRADOS Certified, you can show it in your profile under the Services tab. To do so, you must first add SDL Trados to your list of supported software in the Services tab, following the instructions in this FAQ. When the page refreshes, you will see an option to show your SDL Trados Certification on your profile. By adding the link to the certificate in your SDL account, you'll give clients the option to click on it and corroborate your certification.

    To learn more about SDL Trados Certification visit this FAQ.

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  • 6 - Fields of expertise

  • 6.1 - How can I add and edit my fields of expertise in my profile?

    To report fields in your profile, go to the Services & offerings section of your Profile updater. To report General fields simply select a field from the list to the left and click on Sometimes to have the chosen field(s) added to the list of general fields that you work in. Once you have checked all the general fields you want to report, just click on Save. To edit your fields, click on the pencil-shaped button at the bottom right corner, and remove them by marking Never.

    To report specialty, working and interest fields, select each field from the list available in the Detailed fields section. You can select multiple fields at a time. To remove them, hover over each field and click the x. To improve your directory position, place your most important field(s) at the top, by dragging-and-dropping.

  • 6.2 - Can I change the order of fields reported in my profile?

    Yes, you can change the order of specialty, working and interest fields you have reported in your profile from the Services & offerings section of your Profile updater. Just click on each field and drag it to the position you would like it to occupy in the list of fields. Remember to click on Save order at the bottom of the list after moving each field.

  • 6.3 - Bagaimana ruas-ruas keahlian diklasifikasikan di

    Beberapa struktur kategori dipakai di seluruh untuk tujuan klasifikasi kiriman pekerjaan, pertanyaan istilah, tempat keahlian pribadi, daftar kata, dan sebagainya. Ada dua struktur utama: kategori umum (9 di antaranya), dan kategori detil (lebih dari 100).

  • 6.4 - What are the detailed categories of expertise?

    The detailed categories are a subject classification system developed based on the keywords used in a free entry box to describe the fields of KudoZ questions asked.

    This more detailed category structure has been created with the following aims:

    • Providing a means of expressing specific areas of expertise in profiles, jobs and directory searches.
    • Providing finer KudoZ categorization, enabling more targeted emailing and, eventually, user download of field-specific glossaries.

    All users are advised to enter detailed fields of expertise (working and interest) in their profile pages, in the expertise section. Also, whenever possible, a detailed category should be entered at the time a new KudoZ question is posted.

    Furthermore, users with a sufficient number of KudoZ points can be given the right to classify questions which the asker has not classified with detailed categories, and are encouraged to do so. These users are called KudoZ editors

  • 6.5 - Bagaimana ruas-ruas itu dulu ditetapkan?

    Baik himpunan "bidang" umum maupun detil telah dibuat menurut analisis pola pemakaian situs. Kategori-kategori umum adalah kategori umum atas tempat pekerjaan pernah dikirimkan selama masa kajian. Kategori-kategori detil adalah kategori detil atas tempat istilah-istilah KudoZ pernah dikirimkan selama masa kajian.

  • 6.6 - Ruas-ruas ini sepertinya tidak ada artinya.

    Taksonomi ruas-ruas yang dipakai di mencerminkan karakteristik pasar. Belum ada usaha untuk menjadikannya teruji dengan analisis akademik yang teliti.

  • 6.7 - Why is my specialty not available?

    If you can't find your specialty, please submit a support request indicating which one you would liked added and then we will add it to our task list for development. Note that it is unlikely that a category would be added based upon a single request. But requests for additional categories, coupled with ongoing review of site usage patterns, will determine future changes to the category structure.

  • 6.8 - Mengapa beberapa kategori muncul dua kali - seperti "mobil" dan "otomotif"?

    Karena banyak orang memasukkan nama ruas ini ke dalam masing-masing selama masa kajian. Untuk mencegah pemisahan data serupa (misalnya, istilah KudoZ), kategori-kategori identik (atau hampir identik) ini disatukan dalam basisdata. Sehingga tidak mengapa kalau Anda memasukkan pertanyaan sebagai pertanyaan "otomotif" atau "mobil"; pertanyaan ini akan diperlakukan dan ditayangkan dengan cara yang tepat sama sesudahnya.

    Cara terbaik untuk bekerja dengan struktur kategori detil adalah jangan memikirkannya terlalu serius!

  • 6.9 - How many general, specialty, and working fields can I enter in my profile from the Fields of expertise page?

    You are allowed to enter up to 10 specialties, 30 working fields, and up to 8 of the 9 general fields available. Only 5 or less from the general field will appear on your profile page. However all your specialty fields will appear on your profile page, and your working fields will appear collapsed, available under a More button.

  • 6.10 - What is the difference between Specialty fields and Working fields?

    Specialty fields are also working fields, but they are fields in which you specialize or do your best work. If your top area is, say, medicine, you should make sure it is listed as your top specialty, and you should consider accompanying this with sample translations related to medicine in your profile. Outsourcers can look for language professionals by specialty fields, so this can be important in meeting potential clients.

  • 6.11 - Does the order of my specialty fields affect my directory positioning?

    The ten fields that you have reported first will be considered your specialty fields. The following thirty fields will be considered your working fields, and the remaining fields will be considered interest fields. In directory searches for specialists in a field, those who have reported that field in their top-ten will have preferential positioning over those who marked it as working. Those who placed it between the 11th and 40th spots will in turn be given a priority placement over the users who reported it as interest.

  • 6.12 - Why can't I enter more than 10 specialty fields (and 30 working fields)?

    It is possible to select 10 specialty fields and 30 working fields, which means you may appear in the directory for a total of 40 fields. While we recognize that there are translators who are able to work in more fields, users are asked to select their best 10 (and after that, their next-best 30). is based on the idea of specialized translation and this system is designed around the idea that one can only be a specialist in so many fields at once.

  • 6.13 - Why aren't my detailed fields of expertise displayed on my profile page?

    Only the specialization fields that you select as specialty and working will appear on your profile page —that is, the first 40 fields you selected.

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  • 7 - Credentials

  • 7.1 - Apakah "kredensial" itu?

    Berbagai macam asosiasi, sekolah, dan lembaga lain di seluruh dunia menawarkan sesuatu yang umumnya disebut sebagai "kredensial". Bentuk ini bisa berupa "sertifikasi", "gelar" atau bentuk-bentuk kualifikasi lain.

  • 7.2 - Bagaimana kredensial dipakai di

    Anggota dimungkinkan untuk melaporkan telah mendapat kredensial lewat halaman profil. Demikian juga, pemasang pekerjaan mampu membatasi pemasangan pekerjaan kepada para anggota yang telah melaporkan kredensial. (Mereka boleh tidak membatasi pemasangan pekerjaan kepada mereka dengan kredensial yang sudah dicek.) Pencarian direktori dapat juga dibatasi untuk mereka dengan kredensial yang sudah dilaporkan atau dicek.

    Ingat, tidak ada standar seragam bagi kredensial penerjemah. Bahkan, kredensial tidak ada di banyak pasangan bahasa, dan mungkin orang yang tinggal di daerah tertentu sulit untuk mendapat peluang memperoleh kredensial. Direkomendasikan agar pilihan membatasi penasangan pekerjaan atau pencarian direktori dengan kredensial yang sudah dilaporkan digunakan secara selektif, dan hanya untuk pasangan bahasa utama saja.

  • 7.3 - Bagaimana saya melaporkan kredensial saya?

    Untuk melaporkan kredensial, pertama pergilah ke profile updater Anda, dan klik 'Tambah kredensial' di sebelah pasangan bahasa yang dinyatakan di bagian Pasangan bahasa. Sebuah jendela akan muncul, memungkinkan Anda menulis kredensial profesional, sertifikat atau akreditasi yang Anda peroleh di tempat yang diakui pemerintah.

    Catatan: Mohon pastikan Anda melaporkan kedua pasangan bahasa (jika ada).

    Setelah semua kredensial Anda lalkukan, maka akan muncul di profil Anda, di bagian Kredensial.

  • 7.4 - Apakah saya harus mengirimkan salinan kredensial untuk verifikasi?

    Saringan krendensial digunakan dalam proyek hanya didasari oleh pernyataan Anda yang telah atau belum menyebutkan kredensial. Memverifikasi kredensial Anda akan berguna bagi profil Anda dan Anda sendiri, serta merupakan tambahan jaminan bagi calon klien bahwa Anda adalah profesional yang memenuhi syarat.

    Catatan: jika Anda menyebutkan suatu kredensial, Anda mungkin akan diminta oleh situs untuk memverifikasi keberadaan kredensial dengan nama Anda. Jika Anda tidak bisa memverifikasi kredensial yang sudah Anda sebutkan, kemungkinan akan dihapus dari profil Anda.

  • 7.5 - Bagaimana saya mengesahkan kredensial saya? memverifikasi kredensial terkait bahasa yang dilaporkan oleh para anggota Saat ini kredensial berikut dapat disahkan:

    • Akreditasi yang dikeluarkan oleh lembaga seperti: AAIT, AAIC, CTA, dsb.
    • Gelar/Kredensial Akademis terkait Bahasa yang dikeluarkan oleh institusi pendidikan terakreditasi
    Pertama, laporkan kredensial Anda dalam Profile Updater Anda dengan mengklik 'Tambah kredensial' di samping pasangan bahasa yang dinyatakan pada bagian Pasangan bahasa. Sebuah jendela akan muncul, memungkinkan Anda menyebutkan kredensial profesional, sertifikat atau akreditasi yang telah Anda peroleh di tempat yang diakui pemerintah.

    Kedua, kirimkan lampiran kredensial Anda melalui sistem dukungan daring kami, yang merupakan cara tercepat agar kredensial Anda segera diverifikasi. Harap kirimkan
  • 7.6 - Apakah memverifikasi keanggotaan di organisasi atau asosiasi?

    Karena umumnya organisasi itu sementara, dan bisa berubah, tak dapat memverifikasi keanggotaan dalam organisasi atau asosiasi.

  • 7.7 - Apakah memverifikasi surat referensi dari kolega atau perusahaan?

    Tidak. Hanya akreditasi yang diterbitkan oleh yang berwenang dan kredensial/gelar akademis terkait bahasa yang dikeluarkan oleh institusi pengajaran terakreditasi yang bisa diverifikasi.

  • 7.8 - I took a language course, not a translation course. Can I declare it as a credential?

    Yes, you can declare that course, but only under the language you took a course for. For example, if you took an English course, you can only declare it under English (monolingual) in your profile.

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  • 8 - Verified Identity Program

  • 8.1 - Apakah Program Verifikasi Identitas (VID)?

    Anggota staf, moderator dan relawan lainnya telah mengambil program untuk mengkonfirmasi identitas pengguna situs.

    Tanda cek yang muncul dalam profil seorang pengguna menandakan bahwa identitas orang tersebut mungkin telah diverifikasi. Mengklik tanda cek itu akan memberikan lebih banyak informasi. Akses ke informasi ini dapat terbukti berguna dalam menilai risiko saat membentuk hubungan online baru.

    Tujuan mengkonfirmasi identitas anggota adalah untuk meningkatkan saling kepercayaan di seluruh situs ini, terutama di antara para pengguna yang tak saling mengenal secara pribadi.

  • 8.2 - Bagaimana identitas profil saya bisa diverifikasi?

    Verifikasi Identitas halaman pendaftaran memberikan dua cara agar identitas Anda diverifikasi.

    Satu cara untuk memverifikasi identitas Anda adalah menemui--secara langsung--anggota staf, moderator atau anggota yang telah diberikan hak untuk memverifikasi identitas. (Senarai nama yang diberi kuasa memverifikasi identitas ada di dalam formulir pendaftaran. Hanya pertemuan tatap muka yang akan dipertimbangkan).

    Cara lain untuk memverifikasi identitas Anda adalah melakukan pembelian dengan kartu kredit yang menggunakan nama yang sama dengan yang tertera pada halaman profil Anda. Jika Anda membeli keanggotaan situs, identitas Anda akan diverifikasi secara otomatis apabila semua persyaratan dipenuhi (lihat 1.7 di bawah). Jika Anda mau identitasnya diverifikasi tanpa membeli keanggotaan, Anda bisa melakukan pembayaran kartu kredit sebesar 5 dolar AS sekali saja dan tidak bisa dikembalikan. Pastikan bahwa kartu kredit tersebut menggunakan nama Anda, dan nama Anda ada pada profil di bawah "Nama asli" (baik Anda memilih nama asli Anda terlihat atau tidak kepada yang lainnya).

    Saat ini tak ada cara lain untuk memverifikasi identitas Anda, termasuk dengan faks, dll.

    Catatan: Saat ini hanya pembayaran langsung dengan kartu kredit dan Paypal yang diterima untuk tujuan verifikasi identitas.

  • 8.3 - Apa batasan waktu untuk program VID?

    Perlu beberapa bulan untuk memverifikasi identitas dari prosentase signifikan komunitas Hingga saat itu, tak ada keuntungan khusus yang akan diberikan kepada para pengguna dengan identitas terverifikasi.

    Begitu sejumlah signifikan profil telah diverifikasi, tanda cek akan muncul tidak saja di halaman profil, tapi juga di poin-poin di seluruh situs ini.

  • 8.4 - Mengapa identitas saya tidak terverifikasi lagi?

    Jika Anda mengubah nama depan, nama tengah, atau nama belakang dalam profil Anda setelah identitas Anda diverifikasi, maka verifikasi identitas Anda akan dicabut. Untuk mendapatkan verifikasi ulang, Anda perlu mengirimkan permintaan dukungan.

  • 8.5 - Bagaimana saya bisa diverifikasi di powwow?

    Agar identitas Anda dapat diverifikasi di powwow oleh anggota yang memiliki otoritas untuk memverifikasi identitas, Anda harus menunjukkan identifikasi yang dilengkapi foto kepada orang tersebut saat Anda bertemu dengannya secara langsung.

    Seperti metode VID lainnya, nama pada kartu identitas Anda harus sesuai dengan nama asli yang Anda masukkan dalam profil Anda. Tapi tak seperti metode VID lain yang dilakukan oleh staf situs, Anda juga harus memilih untuk menunjukkan nama asli Anda di situs. Jika tidak anggota itu tidak bisa melihat nama Anda dan membandingkannya dengan nama yang ditunjukkan pada kartu identitas Anda. Setelah Anda diverifikasi, Anda boleh memilih untuk menyembunyikan nama asli Anda lagi jika mau.

    Anda bisa mengedit nama asli dalam profil Anda dengan memilih "My>My Settings->Personal Data" dari menu.

    Anda bisa memilih untuk menyembunyikan atau menunjukkan nama asli dalam profil Anda dengan memilih "My>My Settings->Basic Profile" dari menu.

    Begitu Anda telah menunjukkan nama asli Anda di situs, bertemu seorang anggota dengan otoritas memverifikasi ID dan menunjukkan kartu identitas Anda yang dilengkapi foto kepadanya, Anda bisa mengirimkan permintaan kepada orang tersebut untuk memverifikasi identitas Anda di situs. Untuk melakukannya, pergilah ke halaman aplikasi VID.

    Pada aplikasi VID, pilih opsi "bertemu langsung", dan pilih nama orang yang Anda temui dari daftar pemilik otoritas memverifikasi ID. (Jika nama orang itu tidak ada dalam daftar, maka dia tak memiliki otoritas.) Lalu masukkan tanggal dan lokasi pertemuan Anda, dan kirim formulir itu. Orang tersebut akan menerima permintaan email untuk memverifikasi identitas Anda.

  • 8.6 - Bagaimana saya bisa diotorisasi untuk memverifikasi identitas pengguna lain?

    Jika identitas Anda sendiri sudah diverifikasi, Anda bisa melamar otoritas untuk memverifikasi pengguna lain dengan menyerahkan permintaan dukungan.

  • 8.7 - Saya sudah membayar dengan kartu kredit tapi belum diverifikasi identitasnya.

    Ketika permintaan verifikasi ID diserahkan menggunakan pilihan pembayaran, nama dalam profil Anda di bawah "Nama Asli" harus persis sama dengan nama pada kartu kredit atau akun Paypal Anda. menggunakan informasi ini untuk mengesahkan bahwa nama yang Anda masukkan dalam profil Anda sama dengan yang Anda gunakan dalam kartu kredit atau akun Paypal Anda.

    Jika ada alasan informasi dalam kartu kredit atau akun Paypal Anda tidak sama persis dengan yang ada dalam profil Anda, identitas Anda tidak akan diverifikasi.

    Anda akan mengerti bahwa verifikasi ID adalah masalah yang sangat sensitif, karena memberi kesaksian kepada seluruh komunitas bahwa Anda benar-benar orang yang Anda katakan, itu sebabnya kami memerlukan konfirmasi kartu kredit tentang identitas Anda.

    Harap dicatat bahwa pada saat ini hanya pembayaran kartu kredit langsung dan Paypal yang diterima untuk tujuan verifikasi identitas.

  • 8.8 - I received a message stating that my identity could not be verified. Why?

    If you have a "Translation company" account type, your identity will not be verified. Since the purpose of confirming members' IDs is to increase mutual trust across the site, in particular among users who don't know each other personally, only "Freelancer", "Freelancer and outsourcer" and "Student" accounts will be considered for ID verification.

    Also, if you applied for verification using the payment method and the name on the account you are using to pay does not match the name in your profile (or you have not entered any name in your profile), then your identity will not be verified.

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  • 9 - Rates

  • 9.1 - Bagaimana saya memasukkan tarif saya?

    Tarif dimasukkan dari halaman pengubah profil (klik di sini). Pada bagian 6, "Tarif default", Anda dapat memasukkan tarif Anda, mata uang dan visibiliti, dan juga menerapkan informasi ini ke semua pasangan bahasa yang ada di profil Anda. Begitu tarif default Anda dimasukkan, Anda juga dapat mengedit masing-masing tarif pada setiap pasangan bahasa Anda.

  • 9.2 - Mengapa ini penting bagi saya?

    Menetapkan rentang tarif Anda membuat klien lebih mudah mempertimbangkan kerja sama dengan Anda. Jika menetapkan rentang tarif Anda, Anda tidak akan terganggu dengan pemberitahuan pekerjaan di bawah nilai minimum Anda. Anda juga akan mampu membandingkan tarif Anda dengan data tergabung dari profesional lainnya yang bekerja pada pasangan bahasa Anda.

    Selain itu, dengan menentukan rentang yang ingin Anda terima, Anda memberikan informasi berharga yang dapat digunakan untuk mendidik klien. Contohnya, jika klien ingin mengumumkan pekerjaan dengan tarif 0,001 sen per kata (tarif yang sangat rendah), ia akan melihat tampilan data yang menunjukkan persentase profesional yang bersedia bekerja dengan tarif seperti itu. Ini membantu menghilangkan tawaran yang tidak masuk akal.

  • 9.3 - How do I enter rates for each language pair reported in my profile?

    You can enter language-specific rates by visiting your Profile updater and clicking on "Edit rates" next to each language pair in the Languages section. A window will pop-up allowing you to enter custom rates for each language pair.

  • 9.4 - Can I report any surcharges, discounts or minimum charges aside from rates?

    Yes. You can report rate conditions through the Rate conditions page.

  • 9.5 - How can I show / hide rates in my profile?

    You can set visibility permissions for your rates in the Financial section of your Profile updater.

  • 9.6 - Apakah tarif minimum dan tarif target itu?

    Anda akan diminta memasukkan tarif minimum dan tarif target.

    Nilai minimum adalah tarif minimum mutlak yang Anda ingin terima untuk setiap tugas penerjemahan. Anda tidak akan menerima pemberitahuan pekerjaan apabila data tarif yang diminta pada pekerjaan itu di bawah tarif minimum Anda.

    Tarif target adalah tarif yang Anda minta apabila Anda menerima tugas penerjemahan yang cocok dengan kriteria berikut:

    * Anda familier dengan bidang subjek
    * Tidak menimbulkan biaya tambahan bagi Anda (biaya perjalanan, perangkat lunak, kamus, dll)

    Tarif target Anda adalah tarif yang mungkin Anda cantumkan pada CV atau situs web pribadi Anda untuk dilihat oleh calon klien.

  • 9.7 - Where can I include any sucharges, discounts, or minimum charges?

    You can list any adjustments you tend to make for special conditions when invoicing here.

  • 9.8 - Mengapa saya harus memasukkan tarif?

    Keuntungan menentukan rentang tarif:
    (1) Menentukan rentang tarif membuat klien lebih mudah mempertimbangkan kerjasama dengan Anda
    (2) Anda tidak akan terganggu dengan pemberitahuan pekerjaan di bawah nilai minimum Anda
    (3) Anda bisa membandingkan tarif Anda dengan data agregat dari profesional lainnya pada pasangan bahasa Anda.

    Juga, dengan menentukan rentang yang bisa Anda terima, Anda memberikan informasi berharga yang dapat digunakan untuk mendidik klien. Contohnya, jika klien akan mengumumkan pekerjaan dengan tarif 0,001 sen/kata (tarif yang sangat rendah), ia akan melihat tampilan data yang menunjukkan persentasi profesional yang mau bekerja dengan tarif seperti itu. Ini membantu menghilangkan tawaran yang tidak masuk akal.

  • 9.9 - Saya baru mulai menjadi penerjemah lepas. Berapa tarif yang harus saya tetapkan?

    Tarif yang Anda kenakan tergantung pada pemasukan yang Anda kehendaki, produktivitas Anda, jumlah liburan yang akan Anda ambil dan faktor-faktor lainnya. Gunakan kalkulator tarif untuk melakukan perhitungan dasar.

  • 9.10 - Apakah merupakan keharusan untuk memasukkan tarif?

    Anda tidak harus memasukkan informasi tarif. Juga, bahkan jika Anda memilih untuk memasukkan tarif, Anda tidak harus menampilkannya sehingga bisa dilihat orang lain.

    Jika Anda merasa tidak nyaman memasukkan rentang tarif tertentu, pertimbangkan untuk membuat catatan pada halaman profil yang berbunyi "Tarif hanya untuk keperluan perkiraan semata, dan dapat berubah setelah mempelajari pekerjaan."

  • 9.11 - Berapa tarif yang banyak diminta? Dapatkah saya melihat data agregatnya?

    Anda dapat melihat tarif yang dimasukkan di komunitas pada halaman ini atau dengan menggunakan tautan "Lihat tarif" pada menu. Pembatasan:

    • Tersedia untuk anggota Situs saja
    • Tersedia untuk 'Penerjemah Lepas' dan akun dengan tipe 'Penerjemah Lepas dan Perusahaan
    • Anda harus masukkan tarif Anda
    • Anda dapat melihat tarif Anda hingga 5 pasangan bahasa

    Ini adalah contoh keluaran tarif:

  • 9.12 - How is my maximum rate calculated?

    Your maximum rate is calculated automatically based on the minimum rate you entered in your profile. It is 2.5 times the minimum rate. Note that as with all rates you enter, a lower or higher rate can always be negotiated after you are chosen to complete an assignment.

  • 9.13 - Saya telah memasukkan tarif saya, tetapi saya masih menerima tawaran pekerjaan dengan tarif di bawah tarif minimum saya. Mengapa demikian?

    Tidak semua pekerjaan memenuhi format "[X] per [kata|jam|total] dalam [mata uang]". Beberapa pekerjaan menggunakan satuan baris, bukan kata, pekerjaan jangka panjang atau tetap terkadang mempunyai persyaratan harga yang berbeda, dan seterusnya. Untuk mengakomodasi kondisi yang berbeda-beda ini, pemberi kerja diberi pilihan memasukkan harga untuk pekerjaan dalam format standar, atau menggunakan kotak teks format bebas untuk memasukkan harga. Pada pekerjaan yang menggunakan format bebas, sistem tidak dapat memeriksa tarif, jadi Anda akan menerima pemberitahuan untuk pekerjaan itu, meskipun pekerjaan tersebut di bawah harga minimum yang Anda tentukan.

    Mohon dicatat bahwa nantinya, pemberi kerja akan mendapatkan insentif dengan memasukkan harga dalam format standar, dan apakah yang dimasukkan adalah harga standar atau tidak, akan menentukan penerima pemberitahuan

  • 9.14 - Mengapa tidak menentukan tarif minimal untuk penerjemahan?


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  • 10 - WWA (Willingness to Work Again) or translator feedback

  • 10.1 - Apa itu WWA?

    Sistem WWA adalah fitur yang memungkinkan para penerjemah, juru bahasa dan penyedia jasa lainnya sarana untuk meminta, mengumpulkan dan menampilkan di profil mereka umpan balik “kesediaan untuk bekerja lagi” (“WWA”)dari para klien dan kolega.Pengguna situs dapat meminta umpan balik dari para outsourcer dan kolega yang mereka pernah bekerja. Para kolega dan outsourcer dapat menanggapi permintaan itu dengan menyediakan umpan balik. Mereka juga dapat mengambil inisiatif untuk menyediakan umpan balik umum untuk penyedia jasa yang mereka pernah bekerja untuk.WWA page menyediakan antarmuka khusus bagi mereka yang ingin meminta atau menyediakan umpan balik WWA..

  • 10.2 - Masukan WWA terdiri dari apa saja?

    Masukan terdiri dari tiga bagian:Pernyataan dari outsourcer menyatakan "kesediaan untuk bekerja lagi" (dengan menjawab "ya" pada pertanyaan "Apakah Anda bersedia kembali memberikan pekerjaan pada penyedia jasa ini?”)Teks pendek menyertai “ya” (opsional)Satu baris tanggapan dari penyedia jasa untuk outsourcer (opsional)

  • 10.3 - Apa gunanya masukan WWA?

    Pemilik profil memiliki opsi untuk menunjukkan umpan balik ini di sudut kanan atas dari profil mereka untuk menarik calon klien yang mengunjungi halaman-halaman profil.Penerjemah atau juru bahasan yang memilih untuk menampilkan masukan WWA “ya” dari para klien terdahulu yang puas, mungkin dapat menempatkan diri dalam posisi yang mengubah para calon klien menjadi klien yang sebenarnya, untuk memberikan dasar yang kuat untuk harga yang di atas rata-rata, dan untuk mengurangi perlunya melakukan tes penerjemahan, dll.Memiliki masukan WWA adalah salah satu kriteria pencarian yang dapat digunakan oleh calon klien untuk mendapatkan pekerja bebas di direktori balik ini juga berguna bagi para outsourcer untuk menanggulangi resiko ketika mendapatkan penyedia jasa yang baru.

  • 10.4 - Apa syarat-syarat untuk masukan WWA dapat dimintakan dari/dibuat oleh outsourcer?

    Outsourcer sebelumnya harus pernah menugaskan paling sedikit satu pekerjaan yang dibayar kepada penyedia jasa. Masukan WWA tidak boleh berdasarkan test penerjemahan atau interaksi pendahuluan lainnya.Istilah “outsourcer” digunakan secara luas di sini untuk merujuk pada siapapun yang memberikan pekerjaan yang dibayar. Ini termasuk bukan saja perusahaan-perusahaan bahasa dan para pengguna akhir, namun juga para penerjemah dan jurubahasa yang mengirimkan pekerjaan kepada para kolega ketika mereka sedang sibuk.Seorang outsourcer hanya dapat menyediakan satu masukan WWA untuk setiap penyedia jasa yang telah bekerja bagi mereka. Namun demikian, manajer proyek yang berbeda dari perusahaan yang sama dapat menyediakan umpan balik bagi seorang penyedia jasa yang telah mengerjakan proyek-proyek mereka.

  • 10.5 - Can I request feedback from different project managers I have worked with in the same company?


  • 10.6 - How can I help identify the maker of a feedback entry?

    When possible, a translator feedback entry includes a link to a profile or Blue Board record that represents the person who gave the feedback. This information can be helpful to others when determining how much to rely on a particular feedback entry.

    If the person was not logged in when giving feedback, you can help to identify them by finding a Blue Board record or profile with which they are associated, and then submitting that information in a support request. (Staff will attempt to corroborate it based on email address and other information.)

    If you have worked for the outsourcer who gave a feedback entry, you can also help by making an entry in that outsourcer's Blue Board record.
    When you identify a matching Blue Board record, submit that information in a support request. staff will attempt to verify the association, either by matching the email address of the person who gave the feedback, or by contacting the Blue Board record's primary contact for verification.

  • 10.7 - Apakah saya perlu profil untuk memberikan entri WWA?

    Ya, sekarang ini hanya mereka yang terdaftar dengan dapat membuat masukan WWA. Keputusan ini adalah berdasarkan umpan balik yang kami peroleh, berdasarkan kemungkinan penyalahgunaan yang terbersik, bahwa para anggota akan merasa lebih nyaman dengan disyaratkannya pendaftaran.Di masa yang akan datang hal ini dapat saja berubah kalau ditemukan cara-cara yang dapat diterima oleh semua pihak.

  • 10.8 - Apakah “ya” merupakan satu-satunya kemungkinan jawaban terhadap "kesediaan untuk bekerja lagi" yang ditanyakan kepada para outsourcer?

    Untuk sementara waktu diputuskan untuk meminta pengguna situs untuk membuat masukan hanya bagi para penerjemah dan juru bahasa yang mereka bersedia untuk bekerjasama kembali. (Dengan kata lain, tidak mungkin membuat masukan “tidak” dan “mungkin” sebagai respon terhadap pertanyaan, “Apakah Anda bersedia untuk bekerja kembali dengan orang ini?”). Pendekatan ini dimaksudkan untuk mengatasi kekuatiran dari beberapa anggota mengenai kemungkinan penyalahgunaan, yang memungkinkan perhatian diarahkan pada peranan utama dari fitur ini, yaitu pemasaran.Di masa yang akan datang, untuk meningkatkan integritas (dan pada gilirannya, efektifitas pemasaran dari sarana ini), jawaban “tidak” dan “mungkin” dapat disediakan bagi mereka yang membuat masukan WWA. Kalau hal ini mengkhawatirkan, harap diingat bahwa sejumlah perlindungan akan disediakan, dan disamping itu, masukan WWA hanya dapat dilihat oleh orang yang mendapatkan masukan. Tidak akan pernah ada keharusan untuk membuat masukan WWA terbuka untuk umum.

  • 10.9 - Kedengarannya bagus – Saya mau menunjukkan masukan "kesediaan bekerja kembali” dari klien di profil saya. Bagaimana saya dapat melakukan hal itu?

    Untuk meminta masukan WWA dari seorang agen outsourcing yang Anda telah bekerja untuknya, pergi ke "WWA Saya" dari tab " Saya" di beranda dan pilih "Permohonan entri WWA". Jika agen outsourcing memiliki akun dan Blue Board, tik nama profil agen outsourcing di bagian "Cari". Pencarian ini akan mengambil para pengguna dari halaman Blue Board dan profil. Lalu, pilih entri yang sesuai dalam senarai yang ditampilkan dan klik di tombol "Tambahkan pada Senarai" untuk menambah agen outsourcing di senarai agen outsourcing yang akan Anda kirimi undangan untuk memberikan masukan WWA ke Anda.

    Setelah Anda menambahkan agen outsourcing pada senarai, klik tombol "Lanjutkan ke langkah 2 dari 3 (sesuaikan surel)" untuk menuju ke halaman tempat Anda dapat mengubah pesan yang akan Anda kirimkan ke agen outsourcing yang telah Anda tentukan. Harap dicatat bahwa Anda akan mendapatkan teks contoh yang digunakan untuk meminta entri WWA. Anda dapat menggunakan teks ini dan/atau mengubahnya ke pilihan Anda yang lebih baik. Anda juga dapat menambah nama dan alamat surel (tambahan) alternatif.

    Akhirnya, klik ke tombol "Lanjutkan ke langkah 3 dari 3 (pratinjau dan kirim surel)" untuk pratinjau dan mengirimkan permintaan atau mengedit pesan Anda.

    Bagi para agen outsourcing yang tidak memiliki profil atau halaman Blue Board di, cukup masukkan nama dan alamat surel mereka lalu klik tombol "Lanjutkan ke langkah 2 dari 3 (sesuaikan surel)" untuk menuju ke halaman tempat Anda dapat mengubah pesan yang akan Anda kirimkan ke agen outsourcing. Sementara untuk agen outsourcing, Anda akan mendapatkan teks contoh yang digunakan untuk meminta entri WWA. Untuk mengirimkan permintaan Anda, cukup klik tombol "Lanjutkan ke langkah 3 dari 3 (pratinjau dan kirim surel)" untuk pratinjau dan mengirimkan permintaan atau mengedit pesan Anda.

  • 10.10 - How can I send a translator feedback requests in languages other than English?

    You can completely customize the message that is sent when requesting translator feedback. However, a small box will appear at the bottom of the message, with special links for giving feedback. The content of this box is only available in English.

  • 10.11 - How can I reply to feedback entries I received?

    You can reply to WWA feedback entries you received from the My WWA entries/requests page.

  • 10.12 - Bagaimana saya dapat menyediakan masukan “kesediaan bekerja kembali” untuk pengguna situs yang bekerja untuk saya?

    Untuk memberikan masukan WWA pada penyedia jasa yang telah bekerja untuk Anda, pergi ke "WWA Saya" dari tab " Saya" di beranda dan pilih "Permohonan entri WWA". Jika ada penyedia jasa mana telah membuat permintaan untuk satu masukan WWA dari Anda, Anda akan melihat nama penyedia jasa dan tiga kemungkinan tindakan:

    1) Tidak ada tindakan
    2) Memberikan WWA
    3) Tidak memberikan

    Pilih satu dari ketiga pilihan lalu klik "Lanjutkan ke langkah 2 dari 3 (Masukkan informasi WWA)". Jika Anda memilih 'Tidak ada tindakan', Anda akan diarahkan kembali ke pilihan 'Mencari penyedia jasa lainnya'.

    Jika Anda memilih 'Memberikan WWA', Anda akan diminta untuk memasukkan inforamsi WWA untuk penyedia jasa yang telah mengirimkan undangan (dan menjawab pertanyaan 'Pernahkah Anda bekerja dengan penyedia jasa ini? dan 'Akankah Anda bekerja sama dengan penyedia jasa ini lagi?'). Anda harus mengklik "Lanjutkan ke langkah 3 dari 3 (pratinjau entri WWA Anda)" untuk pratinjau dan memroses atau edit entri WWA Anda.

    Jika Anda memutuskan untuk tidak memberikan masukan WWA bagi penyedia jasa, Anda akan diberikan pilihan memulai dari langkat 1.

    Jika Anda tidak memiliki permintaan WWA dari penyedia jasa, carilah penyedia jasa yang Anda ingin buat entrinya dengan tik nama pengguna- atau nama asli (nama yang dipilih oleh penerjemah untuk ditampilkan) di bagian "Cari" lalu klik entri yang sesuai pada senarai yang ditampilkan. Jika data yang diberikan di bawah ini sesuai dengan penyedia jasa yang dikehendaki, klik "Tambahkan pada Senarai" untuk menambahkan penyedia jasa ini ke senarai penyedia jasa yang akan Anda buatkan entri WWA.

    Setelah Anda selesai menambahkan penyedia jasa ke senarai, klik tombol "Lanjutkan ke langkah 2 dari 3 (Masukkan informasi WWA)"untuk menuju ke halaman tempat Anda dapat memasukkan informasi WWA bagi penyedia jasa yang Anda pilih (dan menjawab pertanyaan 'Pernahkah Anda bekerja dengan penyedia jasa ini? dan 'Akankah Anda bekerja sama dengan penyedia jasa ini kembali?').

    Akhirnya, klik "Lanjutkan ke langkah 3 dari 3 (pratinjau entri WWA Anda)" untuk pratinjau dan memroses atau mengedit entri WWA Anda.

  • 10.13 - Apa opsi saya soal visibilits masukan-masukan WWA saya?

    Informasi WWA ditampilkan di bagian sudut kanan atas dari profil Anda. Ada tiga pilihan visibilitas informasi ini:

    a) Entri hanya dapat dilihat oleh pemilik profil.

    Ini adalah tampilan standar. Semua profil dimulai dengan pengaturan ini.

    Inilah cara fitur akan tampak di profil baru yang belum mendapatkan entri WWA:

    Setelah mendapatkan entri WWA, Anda akan melihat ini:

    ...sementara pengunjung akan melihat:

    b) Entri dapat dilihat oleh pengunjung.

    Kalau Anda memilih untuk klik pada tombol “Perlihatkan pada pengunjung”, Anda akan melihat:

    Dan sekarang pengunjung pada profil Anda akan dapat melihat entri:

    Mengklik pada angka entri akan membuka kotak yang memuat informasi detil mengenai entri yang akan ditampilkan.

    c) WWW tersembunyi dari pemilik.

    Jika Anda memilih untuk menyembunyikan entri WWA dari para pengunjung ke profil Anda, Anda juga dapat membuat fitur ini tidak terlihat oleh Anda sendiri. Untuk melakukannya, cukup klik tombol “Sembunyikan dari saya.” Yang akan terlihat kemudian adalah sebuah tombol yang dapat Anda gunakan untuk menampilkan fitur WWA terlihat kembali di masa datang.

    Dalam hal ini Anda akan melihat:

    Dan pengunjung pada profil Anda tidak akan melihat jejak WWA:

  • 10.14 - Can I display client feedback and testimonials elsewhere in my profile?

    Yes. The Project history provides the option to gather and display client and collaborator feedback on specific projects. Some translators also choose to select and reflect some client feedback in other sections of their profile, such as the About me section. Note that displayed feedback not collected through a system like the WWA system may be subject to requests for verification by site staff, in the interest of transparency and of protecting the integrity of the feedback system.

  • 10.15 - Apakah fitur ini juga dimaksudkan untuk menguntungkan para outsourcer?

    Ya. Para outsourcer yang memilih untuk mempertimbangkan data WWA bisa mendapatkan bahwa mereka mampu untuk menyeleksi para penerjemah dan jurubahasa dengan lebih efisien.

  • 10.16 - Bagaimana WWA dapat sekaligus menguntungkan penyedia jasa (para penerjemah dan jurubahasa) dan para outsourcer?

    Hubungan antara penerjemah/outsourcer adalah sebagai rekanan, bukan musuh. Jikalau sistem WWA menghasilkan siklus kerjasama yang lebih cepat, lebih kurang tes penerjemahan, dll., hal ini merupakan hal yang bagus, baik bagi outsourcer maupun para penyedia jasa.Blue Board adalah contoh lain dari sarana yang menguntungkan baik penyedia jasa maupun outsourcer. Para outsourcer yang terdaftar dan mendapatkan masukan positif mendapatkan tingkat kepercayaan yang lebih tinggi dan siklus mulainya proyek yang lebih singkat di antara para penyedia jasa yang merujuk pada Blue Board.

  • 10.17 - Bagaimana mengenai kerahasiaan? Saya tidak boleh/tidak bersedia mengungkapkan nama-nama klien saya.

    Sekarang ini, setiap masukan mencakup nama klien (tidak ada cara untuk menerima masukan anonimus). Karena itu Anda harus menahan diri dari meminta masukan dari para klien yang dengannya Anda memiliki kesepakatan atau anggapan kerahasiaan.

  • 10.18 - Saya tidak memiliki perjanjian kerahasiaan, namun saya tidak menghendaki orang lain tahu saya bekerja untuk siapa. Bagaimana saya mencegah para klien saya diungkapkan?

    Anda tidak perlu berbuat apapun. Secara default, masukan-masukan WWA tidak akan nampak pada profil Anda. Anda bebas memilih untuk menampilkan atau tidak masukan-masukan WWA. Yang Anda dapat kontrol adalah apakah "semua" masukan akan ditampilkan atau tidak. Anda tidak dapat secara khusus menolak menampilkan masukan WWA secara individual.

  • 10.19 - Bagaimana dengan keinginan para anggota untuk mencegah orang memberi masukan WWA tanpa diminta?

    Adalah mungkin untuk mengundurkan diri dari jejaring BB/WWA. Demi keadilan, karena para pengguna ini tidak menerima masukan tanpa diminta, mereka juga akan menahan diri dari memberi masukan kepada orang lain (baik melalui sistem WWA, atau Blue Board.) Bisa dikata mereka melepaskan hak mereka untuk membuat masukan bagi orang lain sebagai ganti tidak memberikan hak kepada orang lain untuk membuat masukan bagi mereka.Opsi ini tidak mencegah penerimaan umpan balik LWA di Blue Board, dan tidak menyebabkan umpan balik yang sudah ada terhapus. Para pengguna yang menarik diri masih dapat memberi masukan bagi orang-orang lain yang meminta mereka melakukan hal itu.

  • 10.20 - Kalau saya menarik diri dari WWA, para calon klien mungkin akan berpikir bahwa saya tidak mau menampilkan WWA karena saya bukan penerjemah yang baik. Apakah mungkin untuk membuat catatan di profil saya untuk menjelaskan bahwa saya memilih untuk tidak menggunakan fitur ini demi untuk melindungi klien atau semacam itu?

    Tentu saja, Anda dapat menambahkan komentar semacam itu.

  • 10.21 - Apakah ada pengawasan dari staf dan/atau moderator?

    Masukan-masukan WWA diteliti oleh pada anggota staf sebelum ditampilkan, bukan untuk memastikan akurasinya, namun hanya untuk memastikan bahwa fitur tsb. digunakan sebagaimana yang dikehendaki. Para anggota staf juga siap, atas permintaan melalui sistem dukungan, untuk meninjau kembali dan menyelidiki masukan-masukan yang dapat dipertanyakan dan kemungkinan penyalahgunaan.Para moderator tidak terlibat dalam penanganan sistem WWA.

  • 10.22 - Apakah fitur WWA terbatas pada para anggota?

    Pada awalnya semua aspek dari sistem umpan balik tersedia bagi semua pengguna situs tanpa memandang status keanggotaan. Di masa yang akan datang, adalah mungkin untuk membatasi penggunaannya oleh mereka yang bukan anggota, seperti misalnya membatasi jumlah masukan yang dapat dibuat untuk mereka atau ditampilkan oleh mereka.

  • 10.23 - Outsourcer says no invitation was received. What can I do?

    If an outsourcer to whom you sent a translator feedback request says no request was received, check that the email address used is correct. Also, you can suggest the outsourcer to check the spam folder of their email inbox and send a reminder message as described here.

    If no message is finally received, you can suggest the outsourcer to provide feedback directly by clicking Give translator feedback in your profile.

  • 10.24 - Dalam pembaharu profil cepat saya WWA ditandai sebagai tidak lengkap walaupun saya sudah mendapatkan masukan. Mengapa?

    Pemutakhiran profil cepat akan menampilkan WWA (merupakan item yang ‘dianjurkan' daripada ‘diharuskan’) dengan lengkap hanya bila entri tersebut telah diterima dari seorang agen outsourcing yang memverifikasi identitas atau telah mendapatkan paling sedikit satu entri Blue Board dari pengguna situs lainnya. Persyaratan ini dimaksudkan untuk mencegah penyalahgunaan sistem WWA.

  • 10.25 - Bagaimana saya bisa mendapatkan tanda hijau kelengkapan untuk WWA dalam profil saya.

    Untuk mendapatkan tanda "kelengkapan" dalam area WWA di profile, Anda perlu setidaknya satu entri dari profil yang memenuhi setidaknya satu kondisi ini:

    a) memiliki identitas yang terverifikasi
    b) memiliki catatan Blue Board dengan setidaknya satu entri dari pihak ketiga
    c) bergabung ke anggota situs
    d) memiliki setidaknya 12 PRO poin KudoZ

  • 10.26 - What does the message received line mean next to the clients' names that I requested WWAs from?

    The message received line that appears in your WWA request entry form next to the client that you requested a WWA entry from is just an email confirmation message to inform you that the email you sent them was received in their inbox.

    Now, you will just need to wait for the outsourcer to respond.

  • 10.27 - Tanpa sengaja saya memasukkan komentar WWA untuk penerjemah yang salah. Bagaimana saya dapat menghapusnya?

    Silahkan kirimkan tiket dukungan dan menunjukkan masukan yang salah itu.

  • 10.28 - I received translator feedback from an outsourcer I have never worked for. What should I do?

    If you are sure that the entry you received has been posted by an outsourcer you never worked for, please submit a support request and specify the entry.

    Remember that some outsourcers' profile names are different from their Blue Board titles or their company names. Make sure the outsourcer is not using a site name different from their company name and that you have not worked for this company in the past.

  • 10.29 - How can I edit a feedback comment/reply?

    In special cases, staff will edit comments accompanying translator feedback entries or replies to entries at the poster's request.

    To have a feedback comment or a reply edited by site staff, please submit a support request and specify the entry in which the comment / reply should be edited and the desired new text for the comment / reply.

  • 10.30 - The outsourcer I am looking for does not show as part of search results. What can I do?

    If you are looking for a specific outsourcer and they do not show as part of search results, make sure you are looking for the outsourcer's profile name (the name shown in their profile).

    Note that Blue Board titles are not always used as profile names by outsourcers. In cases in which the Blue Board title and the outsourcer's profile name are different, conducting a search for the Blue Board title will not produce any results.

    Also, make sure the outsourcer you are looking for has a profile at Some outsourcers with Blue Board records may have removed their profiles or may have not created any profile for their company. Remember that outsourcers must have an account with to submit WWA feedback.

  • 10.31 - Where can I see translator feedback statistics?

    To view feedback statistics, go to the translator feedback stats page.

  • 10.32 - Can a user receive translator feedback from family members or close associates?

    Translator feedback should not provided to family members or close associates, in order to maintain a certain level of transparency in the feedback system.

    See also general site rule 2 for more on why this policy may be enforced.

  • 10.33 - What are WWA ratings?

    WWA ratings enable outsourcers to provide more detailed feedback to their service providers.

  • 10.34 - Will WWA ratings replace WWA feedback?

    No. WWA feedback is separate from WWA ratings. Profile owners will continue to have the same rights to show/hide/solicit WWA feedback they have always had.

  • 10.35 - What are service provider options regarding the visibility of their WWA ratings?

    There are two options for visibility of service provider WWA ratings:
    - Display all WWA ratings publicly to all profiles visitors
    - Keep all WWA ratings private

    If service providers choose not to display WWA ratings, profile owners will still see their WWA ratings but visitors to their profile will see no trace of WWA ratings.

    If service providers choose to show WWA ratings, all visitors to their profile will see all of their WWA ratings.

  • 10.36 - What about my WWA feedback entries?

    Your WWA feedback and settings will not change. You will keep all of your WWA feedback and you may choose to show or hide all WWA feedback, independent of showing or hiding your WWA ratings.

  • 10.37 - What are outsourcers options regarding the visibility of their WWA ratings?

    There are two options for visibility of individual outsourcer WWA ratings:
    - Keep a single WWA rating on a service provider private and visible only to that outsourcers’ team members.
    - Share a single service provider WWA rating with that service provider.

    If an outsourcer chooses to share a WWA rating with a service provider, and that profile owner sets their WWA ratings to private, only the outsourcer and service provider will be able to see that WWA rating.

    If an outsourcer chooses to share a WWA rating with a service provider, and the profile owner sets their WWA ratings to public, all profile visitors will be able to see that WWA rating and the outsourcer’s name.

  • 10.38 - Are WWA ratings required to participate in any services or features?

    Yes. In order to join pools, service providers will be required to show their WWA ratings.

  • 10.39 - What are the conditions under which WWA ratings can be made by outsourcers?

    Only logged in outsourcers (LSP/Agencies, end clients or account type (outsourcer & freelancer) can leave WWA ratings.

    Outsourcers will be able to leave a single WWA rating per verifiable project.

    Only those outsourcers in good standing (i.e. no outstanding non-payment reports, active administrative actions) will be able to create WWA ratings. All postings must follow all site rules and policies.

  • 10.40 - What is a verifiable project?

    A verifiable project is one where the outsourcer, if requested, can provide written documentation that a project or order has been accepted by the service provider.

  • 10.41 - Can I reply to WWA ratings I received?

    Yes. Service providers will be able to reply/comment to WWA ratings they receive.

  • 10.42 - Will WWA ratings have more detailed category ratings (i.e. communication skills, on time delivery, etc.)?

    Yes, it is planned that detailed category ratings will be released in the future.

  • 10.43 - Will an outsourcer be able to edit their WWA ratings?

    Outsourcers that keep their WWA ratings private will be able to edit them at any time.
    Outsourcers that choose to share their WWA ratings with service providers will not be able to edit their WWA rating for 30 days after they share that WWA rating with the servicer provider.

  • 10.44 - Will WWA ratings have an effect on my directory position or rank?

    Not at this time.

  • 10.45 - How can I request or solicit WWA Ratings?

    Service providers can request WWA ratings in the same manner in which service providers can request WWA from their clients.

  • 10.46 - What are the rules for submitting WWA ratings?

    Certain conditions must be met before WWA ratings can be made:

    • In order for WWA ratings to be shared with service providers they must be entered when a verifiable work order has been assigned and there have been no payment issues.
    • It is not possible to edit an entry for 30 days after it has been shared with the service provider.
    • A service provider is allowed to reply. (Note that it is not possible to edit an entry for 30 days after a reply has been received.)
    • Self-entries are not permitted.
    • Defamation is not permitted. A WWA rating entry may not be used to defame any individual or business. Entries, comments accompanying entries, and responses to entries, must focus strictly on WWA ratings and adhere to all site rules.
    • All communication must adhere to all site rules.
    • Attempting to influence another's use of WWA ratings is prohibited. Exerting pressure on someone to change a WWA rating entry or reply, or to make a new entry or reply of a specific nature, is forbidden. (Inviting outsourcers to make WWA rating entries or replies is acceptable, as long as there is no attempt to influence the content of those postings.)
    • WWA ratings may not be used to coerce. Using a WWA rating, or threatening to use a WWA rating, in such a way as to pressure a service provider or outsourcer into taking some action, is strictly prohibited.

  • 10.47 - Will banned outsources or those with open non-payment reports be permitted to leave WWA ratings?


  • 10.48 - Will outsourcers be able to leave multiple WWA ratings?

    Outsourcers may leave one WWA rating per verifiable project.

  • 10.49 - What if I disagree with a WWA Rating I have received?

    If a service provider feels a WWA rating violates the WWA ratings rules, they can open a support request. reserves the right to review WWA ratings on a case by case basis, and to remove any WWA rating or comment which may not conform to site rules & policies.

  • 10.50 - I got a request for WWA feedback from a service provider via email, how do I provide it?

    At the end of the message sent by the service provider who worked with you, you will find a box with different options:

    The first option will allow you to provide feedback indicating that you are willing to work again with this service provider.

    The second option will provide you with the option to decline giving this service provider feedback at this time.

    And the option to see more feedback choices will allow you to choose if you want to rate this service provider. This option is only available to logged-in users, and if you are not logged in or do not have an account, the page will prompt you to log in or register (if you do not wish to create an account, you can still leave the translator WWA feedback without a rating).

    Regardless of the option chosen, the next screen will see the information below, with the selected option highlighted:

    In the first field you'll find your contact information as entered by the service provider. If you wish to change any of these contact details, you can do so here.

    In the second field, you'll find the following WWA feedback/rating options:

    • The first option is to Rate this service provider (for logged-in users).
    • The second option is to indicate your willingness to work again with this service provider by answering the following questions: Have you worked with this service provider? and Would you be willing to work again with this service provider? and a blank text box to leave a comment.
    • The third option is, if you do not wish to give this service provider feedback, to click on the Decline button in the top right corner of the second field. You will not receive further notifications regarding this request.

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  • 11 - Portfolio: my sample translations

  • 11.1 - How do I add sample translations to my Portfolio?

    To add more sample translations to your profile, choose Portfolio/Sample Translations in your Profile updater. Note that you should first complete every field (language pair, General field, Specific field and Title). Then, you should copy the sample of your translation from you PC and paste it in the Source text and Target text boxes. Notice that if you do not complete the required fields, your samples will not be saved. To save your samples, click on Add translation.

  • 11.2 - How can I change the order of sample translations in my portfolio?

    The order of sample translations reported in profiles can be changed by selecting each sample in the list of samples in the Professional history section of the Profile updater and dragging them to the desired position, saving and updating changes after each movement by clicking on Save and update profile at the bottom of the page.

  • 11.3 - Can I toggle the visibility of the samples in my portfolio?

    No. You can either choose to enter samples which will be publicly visible to visitors to your profile or choose not to enter these samples. For the latter option you can tick the box next to I choose not to enter any sample translations at this time in the Portfolio/Sample Translations in the Professional history section of your Profile updater.

    Another option would be to enter samples and removing the sensitive information you would not like to be disclosed. Make sure you are respecting confidentiality agreements when entering these samples.

  • 11.4 - How can I respect confidentiality agreements with clients while showing sample translations in my portfolio?

    If a translation you have done is subject to a confidentiality agreement, avoid adding this translation to your portfolio and try adding a sample text taken from the web or elsewhere instead. Remember that sample texts do not need to be long, but that two or three paragraphs should be enough.

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  • 12 - Project History

  • 12.1 - Apakah Riwayat Proyek (SM) itu?

    Sistem Riwayat Proyek (SM) memberikan kemudahan bagi penerjemah dan juru bahasa untuk mencatat proyek yang sudah dilakukan, berdasarkan bahasa,bidang keahlian dan karakteristik lainnya. Gunakan fitur tersebut untuk mencatat, membuat catatan pembayaran, dll.

    Selain itu, sistem Riwayat Proyek (SM) memungkinkan pengguna menampilkan gambaran umum dari proyek pilihan pada halaman profil mereka, untuk mengkomunikasikan kepada klien potensial dan pihak yang diajak kerja sama gambaran pengalaman-pengalaman mereka. Dengan izin klien, nama dan umpan balik klien juga dapat ditampilkan.

    Pada waktu pemberi kerja menelusuri direktori untuk mencari penerjemah atau juru bahasa, jumlah proyek dengan bukti - pada bidang dan pasangan bahasa - akan ditampilkan.

    Juga memungkinkan untuk menelusuri, dan jika mau ditampilkan, nama kolega yang telah bekerja bersama Anda dalam suatu proyek.

  • 12.2 - Siapa yang bisa menggunakan sistem Riwayat Proyek (SM)?

    Semua pengguna situs diperbolehkan menggunakan sepenuhnya fungsi Riwayat Proyek (SM).

  • 12.3 - How do I add a new project to my project history?

    To add a new project to your project history visit your Project history page. Select the Add a new project option from the menu to the left and you will be re-directed to the project form. Complete this form with all required information and click on Submit.

    Once you have submitted your project, you can make it visible in your profile by clicking on Make visible in the Actions column, next to the project.

  • 12.4 - Proyek apa saja yang bisa didaftarkan?

    Gunakan sistem Riwayat Proyek (SM) untuk mencatat proyek terjemahan, juru bahasa, edit, proofread yang telah Anda selesaikan.

  • 12.5 - Apakah saya bisa menuliskan proyek yang saya peroleh dari klien di luar

    Ya, Anda bisa menuliskan proyek apa pun, tanpa mempedulikan dari mana Anda mendapatkan klien dan tanpa mempedulikan klien Anda terdaftar di atau tidak.

  • 12.6 - Saya/perusahaan saya mengelola proyek. Apa saya perlu menyebutkannya?

    Tidak - Anda tidak perlu menyebutkan proyek yang Anda atau perusahaan Anda kelola. Sistem Riwayat Proyek (SM) ditujukan bagi penerjemah, juru bahasa, editor dan pemeriksa untuk mencatat pekerjaan yang telah mereka selesaikan.

  • 12.7 - Apakah Riwayat Proyek(SM) saya privat?

    Ya, secara default hanya Anda yang bisa melihat informasi yang Anda masukkan ke dalam riwayat proyek.

  • 12.8 - Saya melihat riwayat proyek pengguna lainnya. Mengapa demikian?

    Memang dimungkinkan untuk menampilkan gambaran umum proyek tertentu dari riwayat proyek, jika Anda menginginkannya. Ringkasa proyek yang Anda pilih untuk ditampilkan akan muncul pada halaman profil, di bawah tab bertanda "Riwayat Proyek". Menampilkan contoh proyek yang sesuai dengan bidang keahlian Anda merupakan cara yang efektif untuk memasarkan jasa yang Anda tawarkan.

  • 12.9 - Saya mengamati bahwa nama klien kadang-kadang ditampilkan pada riwayat proyek pengguna lain. Apa yang menentukan nama klien ditampilkan atau tidak?

    Nama klien akan ditampilkan hanya jika kedua belah pihak setuju untuk menampilkannya.

    Jika Anda memasukkan sutau proyek dalam riwayat proyek, Anda akan diminta untuk memilih apakah nama klien akan ditampilkan atau tidak. Jika Anda memilih untuk menampilkan nama klien, sebuat email akan secara otomatis dikirimkan kepada klien untuk mendapatkan persetujuan. Begitu persetujuan diterima, nama klien akan dimunculkan.

  • 12.10 - Apakah "bukti-bukti yang menguatkan" untuk pemberi kerja itu?

    Pada waktu Anda memasukkan suatu proyek, Anda diberi opsi untuk meminta "bukti-bukti menguatkan" untuk pemberi kerja. Jika Anda meminta ini, pemberi kerja akan mempunyai pilihan untuk memeriksa bahwa proyek memang nyata dan deskripsi Anda memang akurat.

  • 12.11 - Bagaimana cara kerja "umpan balik" pemberi kerja?

    Opsi lain yang tersedia pada saat memasukkan suatu proyek adalah meminta "umpan balik" pemberi kerja. Jika ini diminta, pemberi kerja diberi kesempatan untuk menggambarkan pengalamannya bersama Anda dengan penilaian "positif", "netral" atau "negatif". Bisa juga dengan memasukkan satu baris komentar.

    Mengembangkan sutau riwayat umpan balik dari klien juga bisa menjadi teknik pemasaran yang efektif.

  • 12.12 - I sent a collaborator confirmation request and it seems it did not go through. What can I do?

    If you sent a collaborator confirmation request and your collaborator did not receive the email message requesting confirmation, try re-sending the request. To do so, click on Edit next to the project in the Project history page and enter your collaborator ID at the bottom of the project form. Re-send the invitation by clicking on Submit.

  • 12.13 - Bagaimana riwayat proyek saya mempengaruhi bagaimana saya ditampilkan di direktori?

    Pada saat klien mencari penerjemah dengan bahasa dan bidang tertentu, dan menemukan nama Anda, jumlah proyek dengan *bukti-bukti yang menguatkan" yang Anda miliki pada bidang tersebut akan ditampilkan. Posisi Anda pada direktori tidak terpengaruh.

    Harap diingat bahwa hanya proyek yang Anda nyatakan untuk umum yang akan diperhitungakan untuk keperluan pendaftaran dalam direktori.

  • 12.14 - Bagaimana proses memilih dari riwayat proyek saya dapat membantu saya mendapatkan klien baru?

    Klien mungkin akan diyakinkan dengan mengetahui bahwa Anda memiliki pengalaman dengan pasangan bahasa dan bidang yang mereka inginkan. Dengan membuat proyek-proyek pilihan ditampilkan pada halaman profil, Anda mengkomunikasikan pada calon klien gambaran pengalaman Anda, dan jika diinginkan, catatan kepuasan klien-klien Anda.

    Selain itu, karena jumlah proyek yang disertai bukti-bukti menguatkan (dalam bidang keahlian dan pasangan bahasa) ditampilkan pada saat klien menelusuri direktori, dan karena proyek dan kata kunci yang Anda gunakan biasanya dapat diindkes oleh Google, pemakaian fitur riwayat proyek kemungkinan tidak hanya meyakinkan klien, tapi juga membantu mereka untuk pertama-tama menemukan profil Anda.

  • 12.15 - Apakah saya bisa membuat catatan, atau menampilkan, pihak-pihak yang bekerja bersama dalam proyek-proyek saya?

    Ya. Jika kolega Anda terdaftar di (sebagai anggota atau lainnya), Anda bisa mengaitkan nama mereka dengan proyek, untuk keperluan organisasi. Anda juga bisa meminta bukti-bukti yang menguatkan mengenai detil proyek, dan umpan balik satu baris, dan ini akan ditampilkan untuk yang lain juka Anda memilih untuk memunculkan proyek ini pada halaman profil.

  • 12.16 - Bisakah saya menyembunyikan proyek jika saya mendapat umpan balik negatif dari pemberi kerja?

    Tidak. Anda tidak punya kemampuan mengedit, menghapus atau menyembunyikan proyek pada saat Anda meminta umpan balik dari pemberi kerja. Anda dapat menghapus atau menyembunyikan proyek lagi jika pemberi kerja memberi Anda umpan balik yang positif.

  • 12.17 - Klien saya memberi umpan balik negatif/netral, apa cara untuk menghapus/menggantinya? tidak akan terlibat dalam konflik apa pun antara penerjemah dan kliennya yang melibatkan Riwayat Proyek.

  • 12.18 - Mengapa saya tidak bisa menghapus suatu proyek dalam daftar Riwayat Proyek (SM) saya?

    Tidak mungkin menghapus proyek yang telah mendapatkan umpan balik netral atau negatif dari pemberi kerja. Juga tidak mungkin menghapus proyek yang menunggu bukti-bukti yang menguatkan.

  • 12.19 - Klien saya tidak pernah menerima pemberitahuan untuk memberi penilaian atas proyek saya, apa mereka masih dapat menilainya? Bagaimana caranya?

    Jika klien Anda tidak menerima pemberitahuan untuk menilai proyek yang Anda kirimkan pada mereka, mereka tetap dapat memberikan umpan balik. Untuk melakukannya mereka bisa login ke account dan masuk ke catatan Blue Board, dan meninggalkan umpan balik untuk Anda pada Pusat Pengelolaan Penerjemah yang ada di:

  • 12.20 - Apakah hanya proyek besar yang perlu saya cantumkan?

    Tidak. Proyek besar memang relevan, tapi menggambarkan proyek lebih kecil dengan bidang yang lebih khusus bisa membantu memberi gambaran keahlian Anda.

  • 12.21 - Bagaimana saya bisa memasukkan proyek jika semua pekerjaan saya adalah rahasia.

    Anda hanya perlu memasukkan informasi yang Anda mau. Biasanya, gambaran umum sudah cukup untuk memberikan informasi yang diinginkan tanpa melanggar kerahasiaan. Anda bisa menemukan contoh riwayat Proyek di bawah di dengan 2 proyek yang digambarkan secara umum. Tidak disebutkan nama klien atau merek, tidak ada detil khusus yang diberikan, dan tetap calon klien bisa mendapatkan gambaran jenis proyek apa yang biasa Anda tangani.

  • 12.22 - Saya tidak ingin meminta bukti-bukti yang menguatkan dari klien, apa yang dapat saya lakukan?

    Sekali lagi, alat ini dapat Anda gunakan sesuatu kebutuhan dan preferensi. Anda bisa memasukkan informasi tentang rekan dan klian, dan bahkan meminta bukti penguatan dari mereka, atau mengecualikan informasi ini. Anda dapat tetap tidak menampilkan proyek Anda dan menggunakan fitur ini untuk kebutuhan internal dan administrasi Anda saja.

  • 12.23 - Saya seorang juru bahasa, saya jarang (atau tidak pernah) melakukan penerjemahan. Riwayat Proyek tidak cocok untuk saya. Bagaimana saya bisa melengkapi profil saya?

    Jika Anda masuk ke halaman "Tambah proyek", Anda akan melihat satu opsi pada kotak drop-down untuk para Juru Bahasa (meskipun demikian defaultnya adalah penerjemahan), jadi Anda dapat memasukkan proyek berdasarkan pekerjaan kejuru-bahasaan yang telah Anda lakukan, karena ini juga akan memberi calok klien gambaran lebih baik mengenai jenis pekerjaan yang Anda lakukan.

  • 12.24 - Sata tidak ingin menambahkan informasi riwayat proyek saat ini. Bagaimana saya bisa melengkapi profil saya?

    Jika Anda memilih opsi "Saya memilih tidak memasukkan Riwayat Proyek saya sekarang" bidang yang berhubungan akan dinilai "lengkap" dari sudut pandang kelengkapan profil. Akan tetapi, dengan tidak memasukkan riwayat proyek Anda, berarti Anda tidak memanfaatkan alat pemasaran yang sangat berguna.

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  • 13 - CV/resumé

  • 13.1 - How do I upload a CV/resume to my profile?

    You can upload a copy of your CV to your profile from the Personalization section of your Profile updater. Select the language in which your CV is written, then browse your computer files system for your CV file and click on Open. Then, check the box next to I understand that uploading my CV/resume and setting its visibility to "Everyone" will allow my CV to be indexed by search engines such as Google. If I remove my CV from my profile later, it may take some time for this indexed information to also be removed from search engine caches. if you understand and agree to these terms and have set visibility permissions for your file.

    • Show to everyone will show your CV to anyone viewing, even if they do not have an account with the site or if they are not logged-in.
    • Show to logged-in users will allow any user, not just paying members, to access your CV file.
    • The Show to paying members only option will display your CV file to paying members only.
    • Finally, the Show to no-one option will just keep your CV hidden from any site visitor while it is used by filters.

    Please make sure your CV is in .txt, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .odt format, and is no larger than 2 MB. Also, note that uses multiple webservers to handle user traffic. So, it is possible that when you upload anything via the Profile updater, it may take several minutes to become visible.

    And, remember, you can upload your CV in different languages and file formats to make sure that all potential clients visiting your profile can download it in the format that is more convenient for them and view it in a language they manage.

  • 13.2 - I uploaded an image/CV but it is not shown or can not be dowloaded. utilizes more than one web server. When you uploaded an image or a CV, it can take between several minutes and a half hour for the files to be copied to all the web servers. During this time, you may notice a blank where a photo should be, or, for CVs, you may get a page not found error. Please give it some time before submitting a support request.

    Note: You should assume that information you display in your CV will be indexed by search engines (you can, however, set the visibility level of your CV). If you choose to remove your CV later, it may take some time for this indexed information to also be removed from search engine caches.

  • 13.3 - How do I update/edit/replace my present CV/resume?

    To update your CV, go to the Personalization section of your Profile updater and scroll down to the CV/Resume section. Click on Delete next to the CV you want to update. Once removed, upload the new version of your CV by selecting the language in which your CV is written from the Upload another CV in the drop-down menu and clicking on the Browse button to search your computer's file system for the document you wish to upload.

    Once you have chosen the document, check the agreement box and select a visibility permission for your CV. Finally, click on the Save and update profile button.

    Make sure your CV is in .txt, .pdf, .doc, .docx, or .rtf format, and is no larger than 250 KB. If you are a full member your CV may be up to 2 MB large.

    Also, remember that uses multiple webservers to handle user traffic. When you upload anything via the Profile Updater page, it may take several minutes to become visible.

  • 13.4 - How do I remove an old CV?

    To remove your CV, go to the CV/Resume section of your Profile updater and click on Delete next to the CV you want to delete.

  • 13.5 - How can I delete my resume/CV/photo?

    In your profile page, go to Settings. In the menu, choose Uploads. There, you will find a check box with the title Delete current image or Delete current Resume/CV. After checking it, click on Submit.

    Your photo/resume will be deleted. Please, remember that it might take several minutes to see the results.

  • 13.6 - The CV/resume file I uploaded to my profile is accessible from outside

    When you upload a CV/resume file to your profile, you must assume that the information it contains will be visible on the web —and that your file may be downloaded by anyone— unless you set visibility permissions when uploading it (i.e. unless you specify that you do not want anyone, except for other members, to access your CV/resume file).

  • 13.7 - I deleted my profile/CV but Google still shows it.

    You should ask Google to delete that information from their Cache. You can do it here.

    Remember that in your new profile, in the Settings-Search Engine Settings, you have the option Profile Indexing. You might select Index if you want search engines to store a snapshot of your profile page and, No index if you do not want search engines to store a snapshot of your profile page. If you selected Index (default option), that information is stored in Google's cache and we just don't have a way to prevent Google from saving it.

    Also, note that we've just recently started the full removal of CVs. We original simply "un-linked" them from a profile in the event that someone did not actually intend to remove his or her resume. As our user base has expanded, this has lead to higher resource usage so we've started to completely remove them. From here on, if you remove a CV from your profile, it will be deleted from the servers within 15 minutes.

    Note: You should assume that information you display in your CV will be indexed by search engines. If you choose to remove your CV later, it may take some time for this indexed information to also be removed from search engine caches.

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  • 14 - About me

  • 14.1 - Can I use HTML code in the About me section of my profile?

    Yes. You can customize the About me section in your profiles by adding HTML code and some dynamic content such as instant messaging tools, clocks, hit counters, etc. Check the quick guide for creating ProZ profiles using HTML code tutorial to obtain some special effects.

  • 14.2 - How can I localize the content of the About me section of my profile?

    You can localize the content of your About me and other profile areas through the Profile localization tab. You can also get to this page by clicking on Localize your content in the Settings tab of your profile.

    Note: English version will not require localisation as it is a default language of, hence there is not version localized into English. You can add text for About me section in English directly from your main profile page by clicking on a pad and pencil icon.

  • 14.3 - There are extra line breaks in my profile and I can not get rid of them. What should I do?

    Here is why: every line break entered in the profile background form gets converted into a br tag in the html. In order to prevent the large spaces, you can not enter line breaks (by hitting enter) after your td and tr tags. This is not pure HTML, and we did it so that those without HTML experience could make reasonable profiles. Sorry for causing this confusion.

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  • 15 - Availability calendar

  • 15.1 - What is the availability calendar?

    Your availability calendar lets you indicate to potential clients your approximate availability to take on new work. It is shown in your profile page and in various other places throughout the site.

  • 15.2 - What is the value of indicating my availability?

    Outsourcers with urgent projects can search for those who have indicated they are immediately available for new work. Specifying that you are available helps you appear in these searches. On the other hand, if you are currently busy, indicating that you are not available can help prevent you from being contacted with such requests. It can also be helpful to give potential clients and collaborators a rough idea of what your upcoming schedule looks like.

  • 15.3 - How can I specify my availability?

    Specify your availability in your availability calendar, reachable by clicking the small round availability indicator icon next to your name at the top of each page, or by clicking here.

    To indicate your availability on a specific date, click that day in the calendar and a dialog will prompt you to specify your availability. For example, if you're completely available for the work day on the 25th, select 100% Available. If you're only partially available for half the day, select Partially available (50%).

    To specify availability for several days at once, click and drag with your mouse to select multiple days.

  • 15.4 - How is capacity used in the availability calendar?

    When you set your average sustainable capacity in words per day (WPD), your availability calendar will also automatically display approximately how many words you can process on any particular day.

    When estimating your productivity using WPD, assume that you won't be using a Translation Memory. Your burst rate WPD should be an estimate of a one-day maximum for projects with tight deadlines when you have 100% availability.

    If you prefer not to express your productivity for others, consider entering rates for your own purposes and leaving them visible only to yourself. Future features (planning, etc.) may allow you to make use of these.

  • 15.5 - How are working hours used in the availability calendar?

    Your standard working hours and time zone are displayed at the top of your availability calendar, along with information about differences between your time zone and the person viewing your calendar.

    In addition, if the Consider me unavailable outside of working hours option is selected in your calendar settings, an indication of your remaining availability for the current work day can be automatically adjusted as your day progresses (see below for details).

  • 15.6 - What is Availability remaining in current work day, and why is it different than the availability specified in my calendar?

    If the options Consider me unavailable outside of working hours or Consider me unavailable on weekends are selected in your calendar settings, your availability remaining in the current work day is automatically calculated, and shown above your availability calendar. For example, if you specified that you are 100% available today, and that you have a capacity of 3000 WPD, when your work day is half over your Availability remaining in current work day will indicate Partially available (1500 words).

    This adjusted availability is shown above your availability calendar and in your profile page, in addition to the availability you have specified for that day. It is not currently reflected in other availability indicators or searches, though this functionality may be added in the future.

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  • 16 - Profile tabs

  • 16.1 - My Visitors tab

  • 1.1 - What is the Visitors tab?

    The Visitors tab is for members only. The Visitors tab works like a hit counter, but does so much more than a traditional hit counter. The Visitors tab allows profile owners to keep track of how many hits they've received in the last 30 days, but it also provides information about who, what, where, and when their profile was visited.

    Note: The Visitors tab does not indicate who exactly visited your page by username or entity ID. Likewise, when you visit a user's profile, they will not be able to see your username or entity ID on their Visitors tab. This tab only shows the viewer type, for example an agency, or freelancer, or both.

  • 1.2 - What are the options to display crawlers' visits at the Visitors tab?

    The Visitors tab provides the following options for site users to filter the crawlers' visits results:

    • List by visitor
    • List by each visit
    • List crawler visits

    These options displayed at the bottom of the Visitors tab.

    Also, users can hide visitors information by clicking on [ Hide this visitor ] in the Action column. To restore a hidden visitor's visibility click on List excluded visitors button (at the bottom of the page), find an IP of a hidden visitor you want to make visible again and click on [ Remove this visitor ].

  • 1.3 - Who has access to my Visitors tab?

    No one other than you (the owner) has access to your Visitors tab.

    Note that the Visitors tab is for (paying) members only.

  • 1.4 - Does the Visitors tab count my own visits?

    No. Presently, the Visitors page does not count your visits when you come to your profile page.

  • 1.5 - Will anyone see my username or entity ID on their Visitors tab?

    The Visitors tab does not indicate who exactly visited your page by username or entity ID. Likewise, when you visit a user's profile, they will not be able to see your username or entity ID on their Visitors tab. The Visitors tab only displays the viewer type. Also, the Visitors tab will indicate whether the viewer is a site member (highlighted in blue), ID verified, and the viewer's IP address, which can be used to locate the visitor geographically. Finally, the Visitors tab will indicate where the viewer came from, tabs viewed, last time visited, and the the total number of times the visitor has been to your profile page.

  • 1.6 - Will anyone be able to link to my profile page from their Visitors tab?

    No. The owner will not be able to link to your profile page form their Visitors tab. The owner will only have access to your IP address, which will enable them to locate you geographically.

  • 1.7 - Someone is coming to my visitors tab multiple times, should I be worried?

    Those visits are probably coming primarily from a search engine crawler, which is what goes out and spiders the internet for pages to be searchable.The visitor you had those multiple visits from is actually MSN, Yahoo or Google. So basically, no need for alarm, a machine is visiting your profile numerous times, not a human.

    If you'd like to find out some more information about this, feel free to take a look at this forum thread.

  • 1.8 - What can I find out with the IP Address?

    When you click on the IP address under the column on your Visitors tab you'll be redirected to the Geobytes website, which will enable you to locate your viewer geographically.

  • 1.9 - What does the checkmark under the viewer type signify?

    The checkmark under the viewer type signifies that visitor has been ID verified. Some of your visitors may or may not be ID verified; therefore, not all visitors will have checkmarks in that column. To find out more about getting ID verified, please read FAQ #8 in this section (Profile Page).

  • 1.10 - What does it mean by Viewed?

    The Viewed column indicates which tabs the viewer clicked on in your profile, or in other words, pages viewed of your profile. Presently, only three or less tab visits will be shown in this column.

    Note: Due to the number of subpages/tabs on the site, there may be entries in your Viewed column that you don't recognize or understand. However, overtime, with more use of the function and more development, we will be able to identify those better in the near future. Thanks for being patient.

  • 1.11 - What exactly does the Came From column identify?

    The Came From signifies what page the viewer used to locate your profile. Whether they searched you on Google or clicked on your featured pro profile from the homepage, you'll see it under this column.

    Note: Due to the number of websites and site pages on, there may be entries in your Came From column that you don't recognized or understand. However, overtime with more development and use of the function we will be able to correct that problem. Thanks for being patient.

  • 1.12 - How do I add a hit counter to my profile page?

    There are many sites that offer hit counter code that you can put into your profile page to track and display how many people visit you.

    Please refer to the About me section on the new profile page, then paste the HTML code for your hit counter.

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  • 16.2 - Custom tabs

  • 2.1 - What are custom tabs?

    Custom tabs are extra tabs users and members can add to their profiles to provide additional information. Site members can add up to 3 extra custom tabs while non-members can add only one.

  • 2.2 - Why should I consider adding a custom tab?

    Custom tabs can be a good way of providing more or specialized information about your services or qualifications as a language professional.

  • 2.3 - How do I add a custom tab to my profile?

    To add a custom tab to your profile, head to the Custom tabs section of your profile from the Settings tab of your profile.

    You can add a title for your tab(s) and add content then and there, or after you have created the tab (after your tab is created, when you visit the page again you'll see the option to edit).

  • 2.4 - How do I change the name of a custom tab?

    You can edit a custom tab name any time you want, by going back in to the Custom tabs section of your profile from the Settings tab; and clicking on the edit icon next to the tab name you want to change.

    Note that the About me section of your profile is not a separate tab (you could make a tab dedicated to about me-related material, of course). While the content is customizable, the name of the About me section is not.

  • 2.5 - How do I add an image to a customised tab on my profile?

    To show an image in a custom tab (a scanned copy of a certificate, a photo, etc.), first you will have to upload the image to an image hosting website such as or

    Once your image is uploaded to these websites, they will provide you with a direct link to your image. Copy that link/URL and insert it in the following HTML formula:

    <img src=" HTML HYPERLINK ">

    Note that the direct URL/link to your image must be preceded by the tag <img src=" and followed by the tag ">.

    If you have trouble with any of this, just submit a support request to get help from the support team on this —be sure to attach the image(s) you are working with to your request.

  • 2.6 - How do I remove a custom tab?

    To remove a custom tab you have created, go to the Custom tabs section of your profile from the Settings tab and click on the small x next to the title of the tab you want to remove.

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  • 17 - Wallet

    Your wallet can also be used in relation to Turnkey translations.

  • 17.1 - What is my wallet for?

    Your wallet is used to track payments you have made for items and services purchased through the site. Your wallet is not intended as a payment method or for use in transferring funds from one account to another.

  • 17.2 - Bagaimana saya dapat menerima pembayaran lewat halaman Profil

    Sayangnya, fitur Pembayaran (sudut kanan atas dalam Profil) tidak lagi tersedia.

  • 17.3 - Berapakah biaya untuk menggunakan Dompet

    Pada sebagian besar kasus, kami akan bebankan biaya sebesar 5% sebagai biaya tambahan khusus metode transfer (contoh 5.5% biaya yang dikenakan kartu kredit, $35 biaya administrasi bank untuk transfer uang, dll) Kami hanya sekali memotong sebesar 5%; ketika Anda 'menarik' uang dari dompet, Anda tidak akan dipotong 5%.

    Biaya spesifik akan muncul jika Anda menggunakan fungsinya.

  • 17.4 - How can I make a wallet deposit?

    To make a wallet deposit start here (or click on Add Money to your Wallet in your profile wallet). Then, click on the amount you would like to deposit ($20 USD, $30 USD or $60 USD) and you will arrive at the purchase wizard. Enter your billing information and select a payment method for your deposit.

    If after making your purchase, the amount deposited is not credited to your wallet, please submit a support request and specify 1) the amount deposited; 2) the currency used; 3) the payment method selected; 4) the transfer date; 5) any other relevant information (bank name and account number, account holder's name, PayPal or Skrill email address, transaction ID, etc).

  • 17.5 - Kapankah penarikan dompet dilakukan?

    Anda dapat mengajukan permintaan menarik dana dari dompet Anda setiap saat, namun penarikan umumnya diproses pada akhir bulan. Jika Anda ingin memeriksa status pembayaran, jalan terbaik untuk melakukannya adalah mengajukan permintaan bantuan.

  • 17.6 - What are the fees associated with wallet withdrawals? does not charge a fee for processing wallet withdrawals, but you are responsible for paying any third-party transaction fees. Because some withdrawal methods incur higher transaction costs, those methods require a minimum withdrawal amount in order to cover the transaction costs.

    Withdrawal methods:

    • PayPal (no minimum)
    • Check made out in US dollars ($25 minimum)
    • Wire transfer from a US bank (approx. $35 minimum, must exceed the sum of the transaction fees)

  • 17.7 - How can I use funds received for Turn-key translations?

    Funds received in your wallet for Turn-key translations function as regular wallet deposits. This means that they can be used towards your purchase of membership. They can also be withdrawn from your wallet.

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  • 18 - Dynamic profile content

  • 18.1 - Why might some profiles include user-supplied dynamic content (javascript)?

    Some users have chosen to customize their profiles with dynamic content such as instant messaging tools, clocks, hit counters, etc. This dynamic content may be implemented in a scripting language such as javascript, which can be run by the viewer's web browser.

  • 18.2 - What are the risks of accepting dynamic content (i.e. running javascript) from a profile owner?

    Although such content is common on the internet and is likely harmless, there is a possibility that security risks may be involved. For example, a cross-site scripting attack might allow the profile owner to gain unauthorized access to the viewer's account. (See this cross-site scripting article on Wikipedia for details.)

    Because of this potential security risk, user-supplied dynamic content is only enabled in profile pages when the viewer has given permission.

  • 18.3 - How is dynamic profile content handled by

    If a profile contains dynamic content, a notice is shown at the upper-right of the page, indicating whether the dynamic content is enabled or disabled.

    If the profile owner is a member, the viewer is given the choice to see the profile with or without the dynamic content.

    If the profile owner is not a member, the dynamic content is always disabled.

  • 18.4 - How can I control whether dynamic content is enabled when I view a profile?

    If the profile owner is a member, the first time you view the profile you'll be prompted whether to enable the dynamic content. Your preference will be stored in a cookie in your web browser, so you won't be prompted again when viewing that member's profile in that browser. If you later wish to change your preference, and enable or disable the content, click the Settings link in the dynamic content notice at the upper right of the page.

    Your preference applies only to that one member's profile. You have a separate preference setting for each member's profile with dynamic content.

    For reasons of security, there is no way to enable the dynamic content if the profile owner is not a member.

  • 18.5 - How can I add my instant messenger status to my profile?

    You can show your instant messenger status in your profile without including customized javascript. Go to the Contact tab of your Profile updater to edit the instant messenger settings. If your instant messenger program isn't supported on that page, submit a support request to have it added to the list.

  • 18.6 - How can I include my Twitter feed in my profile?

    You can include your Twitter feed in your profile from the Contact tab of your Profile updater. Just click on the Social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) tab and enter the necessary information.

  • 18.7 - How can I include a hit counter and visitor analysis in my profile without customized javascript? members have access to a profile hit counter and visitor analysis tool. See the Visitors tab on your profile page.

  • 18.8 - Can I include CSS in my profile?

    CSS styles can be defined inline in your profile, inside of HTML <style> tags. External stylesheets are filtered unless the user viewer has allowed dynamic content.

  • 18.9 - Are iframes considered dynamic content?

    Yes, iframes are also considered dynamic content, and are handled the same way as javascript.

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  • 19 - Profile referrals

  • 19.1 - What are profile referrals?

    Profile referrals are member sources that are crosslinked to your profile and shown at the bottom right corner of your main profile page.

  • 19.2 - What are the benefits of showing referrals in my profile?

    Profile crosslinking / member referrals allow you to exchange links with members working in other languages or fields, whose work you know to be of a high standard. This could work to your benefit as it would shows you as part of the community, sharing with other professionals.

  • 19.3 - How do I enter referrals in my profile?

    You can enter referrals from your Referrals page or by clicking on Referrals under the Settings tab in your profile. Simply enter another member's ID in the Add new referral box en then click on Select. This will allow you top chose a field and a language pair for which the other member can be a reference and a comment. Once you click on Save, the referral will show in the Referrals section of your profile page.

  • 19.4 - How can I delete or hide a referral?

    You can hide or delete a referral by clicking on Hide this referral or Delete this referral in your Referrals page.

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