Definition of's Scope

The following definition of's scope is intended to ensure that site activities remain focused on the site's goals, as outlined in the Mission Statement. Site users are expected to limit their site activities, postings and communications to the site's scope as defined herein. Those who use for other purposes will be denied access to the service, without regard to their status as paying or non-paying members. is a translation workplace is a translation workplace. Its goals and scope are strictly limited to translation and the translation industry. The site is not provided for any other purpose.

Topic areas within's scope

Content posted on or via should be limited to the following areas:
  • language services (translation, interpreting, etc.)
  • language services business issues
  • general business issues pertinent to site users
  • language
  • the site
  • the community

Content not related to the above categories is not within's scope and will not be permitted. Postings containing content not related to the above areas will not be vetted. If already public, such postings will be removed promptly whenever encountered by moderators or staff members.

Note that not all postings in these topic areas will be permitted. Postings that are in violation of policies or rules will not be vetted, and if already public, will be removed whenever encountered by moderators or site staff, even if they fall within's scope. Consult the Forum Rules and KudoZ Rules for more information.

Possible Off-topic Exceptions

Exceptions may be made in which postings outside of's scope are allowed, but only on the condition that no part of the content could be considered by any reasonable person to be objectionable or even controversial.

Examples of content that is outside of's scope but may be allowable in some circumstances:
  • travel tips
  • poetry contests
  • recipes
  • discussion of literary works
  • humor
  • greetings and commemorations, including customary birthday or holiday wishes
  • natural disasters (see FAQ)

If made to the forums, postings that are outside of's scope but may be allowable must be marked "Off-Topic."

Note that postings such as those listed here as exceptions will not necessarily be allowed. For example, discussions related to politically oriented literary works will not be allowed. Birthday greetings for controversial figures will also not be allowed.

Your adherence to's scope will contribute to a results-oriented working environment of greater benefit to all. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Feedback related to this policy is appreciated. Please enter a support request.